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Creat Studios PlayStation Network titles

PC maze remake Digger and RTS Mushroom Wars to be downloadable this summer.

For Immediate Release

June 1, 2009 – Creat Studios (Canton, MA) today announced the upcoming release of Digger and Mushroom Wars for the PlayStation® Network. The games will be available for download this summer on the PLAYSTATION3® computer entertainment system, offered via Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Digger, a remake of the classic PC game from the early 80s, has received a major facelift for the new millennium, while staying true to its classic gameplay. Players control a little construction vehicle that must make its way through an underground maze. Gamers dig through the dirt horizontally and vertically to create their own path while collecting power-ups, jewels, coins and other bonuses while avoiding the pursuing monsters.

Digger for PlayStation Network features:

Dynamic action. Make your way through 60 levels of underground mazes where there is something behind every corner, be it a monster, a bonus or a bag of falling gold. Test your skills. There are 240 special challenges and the non-stop gameplay of Survival mode. Move up in the world. Advance your way through the game and become either an Archeologist or an Exterminator. Secret trophies. Collect all the trophies and figure out how to achieve the secret ones. Are you up for the challenge? Old school style. Vintage Mode allows you to play Digger in its old school glory: original mechanics and levels - even the original graphics and sounds!

“It’s thrilling to see such a great game like Digger come back with a 21st Century makeover,” said Jo-Anne Kempe, President, Windmill Software Inc., and co-creator of Digger. “We’re excited about the PSN platform, allowing Digger to reach so many people all over the world.”

Mushroom Wars is an all-ages, fast-paced, real time strategy (RTS) game that brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront. With a quaint visual style featuring opposing tribes of mushroom armies, your battles take place in close-quarters maps using simple, straight-forward controls. Play short campaigns with Domination objectives where your goal is to take control of key strategic points, or play Conquest battles where the only way to win is to completely annihilate your opponent. Upgrade your bases to support larger armies, improve weaponry or act as defensive installations. Move your armies into position and hopefully win the day.

Mushroom Wars for PlayStation Network features:

Test your strategic tactics. There are 18 levels you can play in Skirmish mode. As you progress through the levels, the number of AI opponents increases. Do you think you can overcome three AI mushroom armies? Don’t worry, there are four difficulty settings. Need a change of scenery? With 25 levels in Campaign mode, you can battle in the meadow, forest and foothills of mushroom land. Specialized rating system. The Elo Rating System is used to calculate your relative skill level in comparison to that of your opponent. Additional features. Includes custom music support, VoIP, and players can upload their gameplay to YouTube.

“With the coming release of Digger and Mushroom Wars, we are proud to be adding two more quality titles to our growing catalogue on the PlayStation Network,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios. “We know gamers the world over will quickly become addicted to Mushroom Wars with its strategic and engaging gameplay, and fans of the classic arcade experience will be thrilled when they download our updated version of Digger.”

Digger and Mushroom Wars will include PLAYSTATION3 Trophy support and their ratings are still pending by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for this platform.

DIGGER © 1983 Windmill Software Inc. MUSHROOM WARS, the MUSHROOM WARS logo, and the Creat Studios logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Creat Studios, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. “PlayStation”, “PLAYSTATION” and “PS” Family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The PLAYSTATION Network Logo is a service mark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

About Creat Studios: Creat Studios, Inc. is a premier developer of current and next-generation online, console and handheld games. Founded in 1990, Creat's corporate headquarters are located in Canton, Massachusetts, with development studios in Massachusetts and St. Petersburg, Russia. Creat Studios is an official developer for Sony PSP®, PLAYSTATION®3, Nintendo DS™, Nintendo DSiWare™, Wii™ and Microsoft Xbox 360®, and is a publisher for PlayStation®Network and Nintendo DSiWare. For nearly two decades, Creat Studios has been delivering the highest standards of quality, expertise and client satisfaction to the game industry, and has built its business on meeting and exceeding the expectations of its clients and partners on every project. For more information, please visit


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