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Crazy Machines

Now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hamburg/Germany, April 23rd, 2009 – The Crazy Machines series is a multi award winning success – most recently, Crazy Machines was named the “best mobile game” at the German Computer Games Awards.

You will now be able to download Crazy Machines to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Download your copy at the iTunes Store now. Crazy Machines iPod debuted #1 in the German paid apps store.

Crazy Machines is all about physics based experiments: In every level, players have to discover how to move certain objects to set up a chain reaction, to complete a task set forth by the professor, all the while keeping the laws of physics in mind! It might go like this: Shoot a toy cannon, the ball will hit a plank which will knock into another ball and sets it into motion. That rolling ball then falls off a ramp, directly onto a bellows, which will blow out a candle! Mission accomplished!

Building Crazy Machines like this – or even more complicated ones – is loads of fun and a good work out for your brain. All you need is logic and your knowledge about the simple laws of physics.

Crazy Machines for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for a limited testing period for only 2,39 €/US-$ 2,99.

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