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Crazy Critters: The Adventure Begins

Whack-A-Mole tribute available free for 24 hours from noon PST today.

Lambda Mu Games Media Alert

December 9, 2010

What:                    LambdaMu Games today announced that its unique twist of the original 1971 classic arcade game Whack-A-Mole, “Crazy Critters: The Adventure Begins”, will be FREE to download starting today, December 9, 2010 for 24 hours!

Start:                     Noon PST – Thursday, December 9, 2010

End:                       Noon PST – Friday, December 10, 2010

Platforms:            iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS 3.0 and above)

Where:                 To download Crazy Critters for free, go to and click on the App Store button.

Video Trailer:

Game Info:          As a world in turmoil, Crazy Critters: The Adventure Begins sees animals from all over the        planet exhibiting bizarre burrowing behavior.  And, only ‘The Professor’, with his expertise in   burrowing phenomena, can save the world!  But alas, he is missing.  As gameplay starts, players take on the role of the professor's nephew, ‘Brian’.  Brian arrives just as the professor disappears and the global burrowing phenomenon starts again.  Players are immediately tasked with capturing the animals and calming them down.  Along the way, players discover small clues about the professor's whereabouts as they play through the levels.  Ultimately, players must discover the culprits behind the burrowing along with who           kidnapped the professor.  Their final goal is to rescue him and stop his fiendish captors.


                                ·   Master 27 Levels, each with different themes and challenges

                                ·   Buy crazy power-ups like coffee, rockets, fireworks and more!

                                ·   Earn over 40 achievements by performing insane feats of strength!

                                ·   Unlock the addictive Arcade Mode for endless whacki-ness !

                                ·   Enjoy Game Center support and share your achievements and high scores

                                ·   Feast your eyes on stunning graphics customized for each level

                                ·   Push your fingers to the limit with 'stuns', 'flings', combos and streaks

                                ·   Available in a LITE version with incorporated SYNC DATA (allows players to export their progress to the full version)



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