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Crawl Space Games - Zombies Ala Mode

"Completely rebuilt in less time than it took Apple to approve the original build" using Corona Game Edition.v

Chicago, IL – In the dark ages of the mobile application industry porting applications from one platform to another used to be an arduous and expensive task. Not the case in the modern world of smartphones. Chicago developer Crawl Space Games was faced with the need to rebuild their latest game, Zombies Ala Mode, when time was of the essence. The original version was already submitted to Apple for approval and a new build was needed before Apple published the application.

In order to face their publication deadlines, Brock Henderson, Partner at Crawl Space, was faced with a two week timeframe to reproduce the entire game from scratch. In desperation, the Crawl Space team sat down with the newly released Corona Game Edition from Ansca Mobile and a giant pot of coffee and proceeded to write code.

One week later, not only was a brand new iPhone version of Zombies Ala Mode built and ready for submission to Apple but the faster, more graphically optimized game was ready to rock on the iPad and Android operating system as well.

The decision to make the switch from the original build to Corona was to ultimately enhance the game’s features and user experience. “It has revolutionized our development work flow. Our games are created in a fraction of the time and will be available for a wide release on Android and iOS.”

The pros of using Corona Game Edition far outweigh the delay of releasing the game The build size of the app will be less than half the original size, the loading time is virtually non-existent and Zombies will simultaneously get released on the Android platform with an iPad optimized version launching soon after that.

Zombies Ala Mode will be available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. An iPad-optimized version is scheduled for release soon after. Follow Zombies on Twitter, @crawlspacegames, and

About Crawl Space Games

Crawl Space Games, a division of Elevate Entertainment LLC, has created and developed mobile

application games for the iOS and Android platforms since their launch in 2009. Zombies Ala Mode is the second release for the company following the successful debut of their first game Knife Toss. Online at Copyright © Crawl Space Games. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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