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Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit finds publishing homes

[Press Note] Deidesheim, Oktober 20, 2006

Developers, Twelve Interactive & their licensing consultants, Schanz International Consultants (SIC) are happy to announce the licensing of the compelling and addictive title, Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit on five SKUs ( PC, PS2, DS, Wii and PSP ).

While PC & PS2 SKUs are licensed to Lexicon Entertainment, the DS, Wii and PSP SKUs are licensed to Oxygen Interactive Software LTD - both UK based publishers.

Giuseppe Crugliano of Twelve Interactive says, "we are very pleased that Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit has found publishing homes in UK. The professionalism of both publishers makes us feel confident of success in the market. >From our side we will do all to make our game competitive and fun for our gamers"

Gerhard Schanz from SIC says, "we have great faith in Crash Dummy & Twelve Interactive. We are also in discussions to put up the title on 360 live arcade. I am sure our partnership will result in many successful games together".

Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit is an action arcade game that takes full advantage of the Vicious Engine with it's built-in physics module. The player can interact with a large number of objects: he can move cases, roll barrels, use hooks and ropes in order to climb and swing, destroy walls with his head, and make pylons and poles fall while doing actions in an exhilarating and extensive range of movements and fighting styles. The game promises to be totally addictive & appealing to both the casual and hard core gamer.

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