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Crash Dummy – More fun less violence

Bath, 10th October 2006 - Lexicon Entertainment, the rapidly emerging UK independent publisher, is pleased to announce the signing of Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit for PlayStation 2 and PC.

Developed by Italian developer Twelve Interactive, Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit delivers an instantly playable action/platform game with a variety of old school gaming ideas put together with the latest technology!

Inside D-Industries, the evil D-Troit is creating new crash dummy prototypes but D-Troit has a dark past and before dedicating himself to crash tests, it seems he led a criminal life full of robbery, swindles and racketeering. Even today, behind the 'normal' activities of D-industries, it appears he's hiding some dark criminal projects. According to underground sources he's even using new crash dummy prototypes for bank robberies and many other kinds of dastardly crimes!

Prof. Advisor's Crash-Industry has been shut because of a mysterious attack that destroyed a good part of the buildings and damaged the equipment. The economic damage was so great that the complex had to be closed down completely and most of the dummies had to be sold to D-Troit.

Prof. Advisor knows full well that D-Troit is behind all his problems, but he needs to find a witness and his only hope is to rely on his most faithful friend and companion, Crash Dummy. Around this time Crash Dummy's girlfriend, Tyre, was kidnapped by the evil D-Troit, because on the night of the explosion she had seen D-Troit's prototype dummies placing the bombs in the Crash-Industry.

The future of Prof. Advisor and all the other dummies lay in the hands of a single...Crash Dummy.

Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit is an ACTION game with lots of electrifying elements, and we mean that literally, that will grab you straight away. It is full of humour and addictive ideas, and with an extensive range of movements and fighting styles you will have many ways to succeed. Battling against the enemies presents unarmed fighting to throwing cases, barrels and other objects and using weapons like the Bazooka which can freeze, maim or burn the bad dummies and are but a few of the features on offer.

No excessive violence equates to epic shenanigans and although the entire game lacks over the top brutality, the fighting system presents hysterical confrontations and ironically enemies die but with no gore!

Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit takes full advantage of the Vicious Engine's built-in physics module and the player can interact with a large number of objects: he can move cases, roll barrels, use hooks and ropes in order to climb and swing, destroy walls with his head, and make pylons and poles fall. With a plethora of exhilarating moves, picking the right one at the appropriate time could be very important.

Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit also features Crash Racing where you drive Crash Dummy modded cars through dangerous tracks, jumping ramps, passing through firewalls to get extra bonuses!

Features of the game include:

Humorous and endearing story and weird and wacky ideas. Utilizing the latest technology including expert use of physics. Special Graphics Effects, fire, water, explosions to enhance the pleasure. Extensive range of movements from utilising of springs to jump or clear high walls and ledges to supersonic speed for destroying a wall with your head. Giant End of level bosses. Choose between sneak attacks or the fighting prowess of a kung fu fighter. Weapons galore from a flame thrower to rubber bullets, plus much more. Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit has an almost retro feel but is brought bang up to date with its fresh approach, compelling and addictive presentation and stylish plot.

Release date: Q1 2007

Formats PC/PS2

Price: TBC

Rating: TBC

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About Twelve Interactive

Twelve Interactive is an Italian Game developer founded in 2003 by Giuseppe Crugliano.. The company is currently working on PC and console games that will be released in 2007 and all distinguished for the genuine, immediate gameplay, taking inspiration from old-school gameplay mixed up with modern technologies.

About Lexicon Entertainment

Lexicon Entertainment is a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for video game console systems and personal computers. The company was founded to provide an interactive element to his vision of a state-of-the-art, multi-faceted entertainment company. Since its inception in 2005, Lexicon Entertainment has continually been heralded for its focus on creating rich, immersive worlds for players to discover. Lexicon Entertainment games continually receive critical acclaim and attain commercial success, with the company's products shipped to over 25 territories.

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