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Crap of Defense

Now available for free, if that helps.

Lublin, Poland, May 3rd 2010: About two weeks ago the website FreeAppCalendar featured the App Store’s most terrible game, Crap of Defense, as a FREE download for 3 days! The development team is still recovering from the shocking news that anyone in their right state of mind would actually download their pile of crap as a FREE download and prior to that, as a PAID game (ARG!?). Because of this, an urgent management meeting was arranged. Realizing that Crap of Defense would never amount to anything commercially, and realizing that their game was just “yet-another-knock-off”, it was decided during this meeting to give away the game for FREE permanently (not!) Yup – that's right – it no longer costs anything to download and play Crap of Defense from the App Store! Surely there must be some secret and hidden agenda behind this?

Crap of Defense is now available in two unique versions: there is the paid version where all future updates will be available at no extra cost, and there is the FREE version of the game featuring 24 complete missions, and future content can be purchased separately through micro-transactions.

Crap of Defense was, and still is, yet-another-rip-off of the “tower of defense” genre, so terribly crap it only features one tower. It does have several campaigns, 3 difficulty levels and more than 36 levels of boredom. The game has 4 extremely dull themes. There! It’s been said enough! Experience yourself what pile of crap this game is by downloading it yourself; but don't bother sending feedback or comments unless it’s delivered with a case of beer or some expensive and exclusive high-end gadget. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get their attention.

It is rumored at the local bar in the outskirts of Lublin that some exciting (yeah, right) news will be announced soon from the guys at ifun4all, but don't expect anything until they sober up and shower.

Crap of Defense (FREE)


Crap of Defence (Paid Version)


Link to an old trailer as the team couldn't be bother to make a new one:


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