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Craft of Gods

Some game information from the heavens.


There are many dungeons in this world. Some of them are low level, but there are also two epic dungeons: Lair of the Serpent in the Black Mountains, and Svarog Temple in Alatyr.

In every dungeon, there is one big boss and some small bosses.

Some quests ask you to enter a dungeon alone, but don't do it - some of the bosses have special powers that you cannot even imagine or acquire.

Some of the dungeons are instanced, some not.


There are more than 1200 quests in “Craft of Gods” world. All quests can be completed alone, but some of them can be hard to complete alone, so it's better to find a group to help you.

Atlantians have access to all available quests, however Light and Darkness players can only carry out their own quests. You can complete some of the other faction’s quests, but for this you must earn some honor points of the opposite side.

There are also different kinds of quests to be completed in the dungeons, and epic quests in the two epic dungeons for demigod mode.


In “Craft of Gods” world you can create a group. Groups are composed of up to 6 members, and friendly characters (i.e. belonging to your faction and friendly Atlantians).

Group system will include a search function and players will be able to search for other players by level and/or ability, e.g. "War mage", "Fire mage”, etc. (access to the search system depends on player's abilities)

You will also be able to search for a character by the Guild nickname.


How can I customize my character?

You can customize skin color, hair colour, facial details and body type

Can I speak to the opposite faction?

No, you cannot

What chat channels are there?

Local chat channel, Global channel, Group, Raid, Private message

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