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Craft of Gods

Lady of the Pumpkins needs our help.

Milan, September 2010 - Kalicanthus Entertainment ( www.kalicanthus.com), leading company in the Italian online gaming market, announces that starting from October 28 th Halloween festivities will invade the world of Craft of Gods ( www.craftofgods.eu).

The Lady of the Pumpkins asks the people of Akvilon for help in finding her stolen candies: players must look for pumpkins that contain them and bring them back to her owner, who will provide a Pumpkin Helm as reward, a must-have item to celebrate Halloween!

But that’s not all: inside the pumpkins players will also find some strange "Trick or Treat" potions. These magical potions will give bonuses to players, but sometimes have some side effects that will cause some tricks to those who will use them.                                                                                

So run on Craft of Gods and let’s the celebrations begin!

Created by Russian developer studio Cyberdemons, Craft of Gods  is a new 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Slavic mythology. Set in a huge world with 25 different maps, Craft of Gods provide players with a great Realm versus Realm (RvR) and Player versus Player (PvP) experience, but it will also appeal to Player versus Enviroment (PvE) oriented gamers. Players can choose between 6 different races divided into 3 factions (Light, Darkness and Neutral) and create their character that can then be completely customized; in fact there are no classes in Craft of Gods, but only skills: each player can choose from 14 schools of skills, each containing 15 powers – for a total of 210 different skills that assure a great depth of customization. Fight for your Realm to become a Demigod and gain special powers.

Kalicanthus Entertainment  is the leading MMOG developer and publisher in the Italian market.  The company was founded in 2006 by a group of passionate and experienced MMO players and former employees of other MMO companies, who joined forces to create a new, big Italian referral point for the MMO market. Since 2009 Kalicanthus is expanding its operations into Europe and internationally. 

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