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Craft of Gods

Italian MMOG to launch open beta on February 18th.

Milano, January 2010 - Kalicanthus announces the release of Open Beta of Craft of Gods!

The first wave of Open Beta will be held from February 18th till Sunday 21th and the level cap will be 10. After the first wave, Kalicanthus will announce further waves, increasing the level cap each time, so the players will be able to test and explore the infinite world of Craft of Gods.

Kalicanthus will announce the opening of the registration system to access to the Open Beta later.

The Open Beta keys will also be distributed through the most significant Web portals.

For the Open Beta release, Kalicanthus also unveils new content, which is currently in development. More than 2.000 new quests, new mobs and new items will be added to "Craft of Gods". A starting tutorial will also be included, to help new players to understand the background and the game. For the Open Beta release of "Craft of Gods" game, the interface will be modified following all the suggestions kindly sent in by players during the Closed Beta: pet menu, trade menu and general game interface will all be updated. Open Beta will also include in-game mail system and new weather effects animations. Some of the abilities will be changed and new spells will be added.

Kalicanthus Entertainment is a MMOG developer and publisher, Italian market leader and the only Italian operator publishing online games on the most important Italian Web portals. It born in 2006 thanks the past experience of same MMO players and same employees in former Italian MMO company which join together to create through passion and job a new, big Italian referral point for the MMO market. Surely Kalicanthus is a company with the larger experience in MMO market here in Italy and his way of acting is strongly based on players, because comes from players.

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