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Craft of Gods

A peek into the Caves of Tallion.

Built long ago by Avi and Navi, the Caves of Tallion was the tunnel that connected the two worlds. When the war between Svarog and the Black Snake started the caves were closed down and the Atlantians were instructed by Cronos to build portals that obstruct the passages. Now that a group of unaware miners accidentally opened a passage inside the caves, only the most daring adventurers can enter to hold the ancient evils within.

Located between White Groove and Ancient Plateau, the Caves of Tallion wind in a series of endless tunnels containing a moltitude of wild creatures. Who will venture inside will face giant spiders, fire horses, poison aspids, ancient lizard men and different kind of demons until reaching the darkest depths that contains the Creature, a terrifying being raised by the Cultist of Cernobolg.

Discover the secrets hidden into the Caves of Tallion will not be easy: you must overcome more than a test of stregth to be able to gain the trust of the keepers and obtain the keys to open the portals inside.

However, a so dangerous task will have a handsome reward, as anyone will defeat the powerful creatures locked inside the Caves of Tallion can keep their treasures for himself.

Head to your capital in the near future, there will certainly be someone willing to pay you to venture inside the Caves of Tallion for him!

The Caves of Tallion are a huge dungeon divided into three zones. In the first zone, freely accessible to all, you can fight mobs from level 20 to level 60, including a huge dragon and a ferocius dog with two heads. To access the innermost area you will need to obtain a key through a quest that will open the first gate guarded by two fire golems. Faced some of the most frightful bosses in the game, including the Succubus, the Cave Warden and the Exterminator, you need to obtain another key to enter the final cave which contains the Creature. Watched by the Creature there is also a third gate, but nobody has already found how to open it.

In the Caves of Tallion there are 14 different bosses and each of them is an exciting challenge.

Both factions can enter to the caves from opposite sides, so you need to pay attention not only to the creatures that inhabit the depths, but also to the enemies of your realm.

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