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Crack The Case With New Kojak Detective Game From Ojom

Become A Super Sleuth On Your Mobile

(8th June, 2007): Ojom GmbH, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile games, has launched Kojak - Detective Puzzles. This logic game combined with real action is a throwback to the golden era of 1970s American TV detective dramas, complete with wisecracking cops, crooked lawyers and nasty villains.

This game contains all the classic elements of 70s Cop Show, you can engage in high speed pursuit of suspects in a car chase, put together an identikit image of a known criminal or visit a crime scene to gather evidence. You can even track down a suspect using a phone tap, an essential tool of any respectable 70s private eye or police detective. You will need to be streetwise and tough if you are to track down the suspects, but once you've put together all the leads you can bust the case wide open and make an arrest.

The game is focused around a set of logic puzzles and live action levels that combine to create a feeling of being back in the 1970s fighting crime the old fashioned way. The backdrop and scenery to the game even evokes the period, right down to the detail of the phone tapping equipment that features a wooden frame and an instrument panel made up of dials.

There is a time limit to each puzzle, so it's a race against the clock to solve the case and pick up all the clues. The car chases and the shooting range give you the complete 1970s Cop Show experience and place you right back into the world of pork pie hats, sideburns and flares. So slap a red siren on the roof of your police car, take to the streets and solve the mystery.

Marc Buße, Channel Manager, of Ojom GmbH, said: "Kojak - Detective Puzzles is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for mobile gamers that are fond of the 1970s Cop Show genre, giving them the chance to emulate their heroes. This game will also appeal to mobile gamers that enjoy the challenge of solving logic puzzles."

Kojak - Detective Puzzles is another addition to the growing portfolio of Ojom that are adapted from a famous character or genre from film and television. The game is available now from most operator portals across Europe.


For more information, contact:

Sonus PR for Ojom:

Lauren McGregor

+44 20 7851 4890

Ojom GmbH:

Benjamin Siegmund

+49 (0) 30 695 38 3081

About Ojom

Ojom GmbH is a leading publisher of mobile entertainment products and belongs to a Joint Venture between News Corporation and VeriSign. Ojom offers an exceptionally diverse portfolio of premium, innovative, branded content to mobile operators, virtual retailers, and handset manufacturers worldwide. Ojom's publishing and development services enable service providers to generate revenue while providing an entertaining consumer experience. Ojom has published titles in more than 50 countries, through major mobile operators and leading consumer content portals, as well as directly to top handset manufacturers.

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