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Cowboys vs. Zombies

Gunslingers take on the undead in iPhone tower defense game.


Jun 10, 2010 –Tall Chair, Inc. announced the beginning stages of their marketing push for their new iPhone game, Cowboys vs. Zombies today at Powell Street Station in San Francisco.

The giant posters are a part of Tall Chair’s ramp up to the launch of their unique tower defense game, Cowboys vs. Zombies for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch set in the old west. Tall Chair chose to showcase three characters in the campaign, the Sheriff, the gunslinger Flinty McClintock and the Prospector. The posters are scheduled to remain throughout the month of June in preparation for the summer launch.

Marketing Director Ben Acevedo commented “This was an opportunity that not many small developers get, we’re not an EA or an Activision or a Gameloft. We’re a small, scrappy developer. We were able to capitalize on a cancellation and raise awareness of our first major release this year.”

President Dan Brazelton added, “We were able to bring the excitement and art of the game to one of the busiest stations on the West Coast. We recognized this was an opportunity to advertise Cowboys vs. Zombies during the Worldwide Developers Conference. This combined with several grass roots and traditional efforts are building excitement over Cowboys Vs. Zombies.”

Creative Director and designer of Cowboys vs. Zombies Scott Stevens was quick to say “It's exciting for us here at Tall Chair to see this game that we've been toiling on for so long showcased this way. There's a lot of great people involved with this project, and we've been working hard to build up the community around our company and our games so this is a really fun way for us to branch out from that and put something out there and make a big splash that we can all be connected to."

Cowboys vs. Zombies is a game of defense; you play the Sheriff in charge of defending the town of UnDeadwood and its environments with your posse of colorful cowboy and cowgirl characters. Hire cowboys for your posse, upgrade, and position them wisely to defend against wave after wave of zombie hordes and their evil bosses hell-bent on destroying the town.

Expanding on the Tower Defense genre, Tall Chair’s Cowboys vs. Zombies uses the environments to add to the strategy. Invading zombies destroy the buildings, which reduce the safe places for your cowboys to defend from; when they have leveled the town you lose the game. Choosing which buildings to defend and when to fallback is a key to surviving. Powerful Zombie Bosses will challenge the Sheriff to a Showdown, pitting the Sheriff against each boss in an epic one-on-one battle. The game showcases Tall Chair's penchant for creating engaging 3D content on the iPhone, also seen in their release last December of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries in a partnership with Warner Bros. With Cowboys vs. Zombies, Tall Chair has created a colorful, playful, and highly stylized view of the old west.

Cowboys vs. Zombies will be for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


- Hire more cowboys, upgrade their guns, or repair the damaged buildings you are defending - each decision will have lasting effects on your strategy!

- Face off with each of the evil Zombie Bosses in a Showdown!

- Progress through the colorful game areas, going from "A Fistful of Zombies", through "Little Zombies on the Prairie" and up to "The Great Brain Robbery" in your quest to cleanse UnDeadwood of the zombie menace!

Tall Chair, based in San Francisco, CA has also released Sherlock Holmes Mysteries on the iPhone and iPad in a partnership with Manifest Games, GoYo Mobile and Warner Brothers Digital Distribution.

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Tall Chair, founded in May of 2009, as an independent developer working on mobile touch experiences including Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone with Warner Brothers. They are currently developing Cowboys vs. Zombies for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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