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Cowboys vs. Zombies

Given a premier at film and music festival.

Tall Chair, the independent game maker from San Francisco, premiered the official trailer for Cowboys vs. Zombies at the Another Hole in the Head Film and Summer Music Festival Thursday night in San Francisco.

The Trailer plus 4 short teasers featuring characters from the game premiered before the 7pm showing of Mutant Girls Squad and the 9pm showing of A Serbian Film at the Festivals Roxie Cinema location. The trailers will run throughout the festival before all the film screenings.

Tall Chair announced that they would release the trailer worldwide on Friday July 9, 2010 via the Internet.  The independent game maker has been gearing up their marketing campaign for the launch of the game, Cowboys vs. Zombies, through local grass-roots efforts, social media, and cross promotion with many indie artists in the film, music and game space.

“It all comes from our roots. We started the company as three people in a living room last year. We haven’t forgotten where we came from, where we are and where we are going.” founder and Tall Chair Evangelist Ben Acevedo explains. “It’s all about supporting independent efforts. Another Hole in the Head is about independent horror films.   Our latest game, Cowboys vs Zombies fits perfectly into this genre.”

Cowboys vs. Zombies is a game of defense; you play the Sheriff in charge of defending the town of UnDeadwood against the attacking zombie hoards with your posse of colorful cowboy and cowgirl characters. Hire cowboys for your posse, upgrade, and position them wisely to defend against wave after wave of zombies and their evil bosses hell-bent on destroying the town.

Expanding on the Tower Defense genre, Tall Chair’s Cowboys vs. Zombies uses the environments to add to the strategy. Invading zombies destroy the buildings, which reduce the safe places for your cowboys to defend from. When the zombies have leveled the town you lose the game. Choosing which buildings to defend and when to fallback is a key to surviving. Powerful Zombie Bosses will challenge the Sheriff to a Showdown, pitting the player against each boss in an epic one-on-one battle.

The game showcases Tall Chair's penchant for creating engaging 3D content on the iPhone. The San Francisco company has been building a reputation for great games by working on several unique projects including Sherlock Holmes Mysteries with Warner Brothers. With Cowboys vs. Zombies, Tall Chair has created a colorful, playful, and highly stylized view of the old west with a quirky horror twist; making it a perfect sponsor for SF Indie's current festival.

Another Hole in the Head, San Francisco's premiere film festival dedicated to the celebration of bizarre and decidedly underground horror and grindhouse, returns for its seventh year with three weeks of celluloid mayhem not usually found in your local cineplex. The festival runs July 8th through the 22nd at the newly remodeled Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St. in San Francisco, and July 23rd through July 29th at the VIZ Cinema, 1746 Post Street in San Francisco. Advance tickets are $10.00 and $11.50 at the door. The HoleHead Pass, good for admission to all films at the festival as well as the Opening Night Party, is $130.

The festival also offers a 5Film PunchPass for $50 and a 10Film PunchPass for $90. For tickets or more information call 415-820-3907 or visit

Another Hole in the Head also presents their musical component, Summer MusicFest, happening July 9 through the 13th. Come see local and not-so-local bands rock out at Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street in San Francisco, and Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th Street in San Francisco.

Featuring bands ranging from the soulful R&B of The Soft White 60s, to garage rockers Tokyo Raid, and to punk rock legends, The Dwarves, Summer MusicFest features a genre for everyone. Tickets for Friday and Saturday shows are $10. Sunday through Tuesday shows are $8. The SummerMusicFest Pass is $25 and is good for all shows at Bottom of the Hill and Thee Parkside. For those partaking in both festivals, the Everything Pass is $150 and is good for admission to all 33 films and 7 live shows.

Cowboys vs. Zombies will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in July 2010. Keep an ear out for launch day events and special one-day sale details during the Festival. Learn more at or the game’s Facebook page


Tall Chair, Inc. is a San Francisco based indie developer dedicated to Mobile Social Touch Interface Experiences. Armed with a solid art background, inventive designs and tenacious and sometimes maddening desire to make compelling experiences, Tall Chair’s dedicated team creates highly rated apps, such as Warner Brother's Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for the iPad. Tall Chair collaborates with partners and developers to help bring great ideas and projects to life, by utilizing the best teams, the right resources and partnerships.

Tall Chair is redefining media experience.

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