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Cowboy 1.0

On the 10th of June, Intorine released a new awesome and highly addictive game for Palm OS - Cowboy 1.0. This fun but challenging game suited for all ages will teach you to throw a lasso as neatly as a real Cowboy! It incorporates brilliant graphics, quality sound, and unique gameplay experience.

In this dynamic game, you'll have to catch with a lasso different kinds of prizes: cows, horses, cash bags, and bonuses. Once a prize is captured, it is converted into a score or money. Besides, useless items such as bombs and cactuses you should avoid by all means. Also you should mind the time; it is limited.

The game employs a full-scale 16-bit graphics with hi-res support, quality sound effects and fun music. But what is most remarkable is its original gameplay experience.

The whole gaming process is easily controlled with only one hard button, yet leaving enough room for a variety of tactic decisions. The lasso is swinging from the left to the right corner of the screen like a pendulum. All you have to do is to catch a moment and hit the button to release the lasso as soon as it goes over a particular object. If you aimed well, the lasso will catch the prize and pull it back to you.

There is also the high scores table to keep your results. Playing this game with your friends, you will be able to compare the results to know who are the Best Cowboy.

Advancing through levels you also may purchase useful gadgets in a shop between game stages. There are a number of such items: Cactus Book, giving you more money for cactuses, Winch, enabling you to pull objects faster, Golden Key, increasing the chance of attaining a better bonus or more money, Cash Register, which makes money bags cost more, and Additional Rope, in case you need one.

This exceptional and highly addictive game with refined graphics and a new gaming experience will keep you trying to beat it and never fail to provide you a good time.

Cowboy' license costs $9.95(US) and may be purchased securely online at . You can download a free 21-day trial version of Cowboy 1.0 from the same Internet site.

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