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Coverfire HD

Retro shooter on your giant iPhone.

Coverfire HD is based on the world's first twin-stick shooter entitled Crossfire. Crossfire was released in 1981 (a full year before Robotron) for the Apple II, Atari 400/800, PCjr, Commodore 64, and VIC-20 home computers. Computer players of the time may recall its unforgiving gameplay and adrenaline fueled action. 

Programmer Jerason Banes has attempted to recapture the feel of this classic on the modern iPad - right down to the level of difficulty. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the achievements available in the game. Sporting achievements like, "What just happened?" (zero score) and "Now you've got it!" (complete first level), the game is not designed for a timid player.

"Crossfire was the first computer game I ever played", says Banes. "I was probably about five years old. The difficulty for a kid that age was just insane. (laughs) Still, the game really hung with me over the years. I wanted to recreate the experience on modern systems. The web-based version was extremely popular despite reaching a limited audience. My hope is that the iPad version will allow the game to reach a larger, more mainstream audience."

Coverfire HD is a port of the web-based game Coverfire, which released by WiiCade  in 2008. As a web-based title it was designed to be played in the Nintendo Wii's Internet Browser. The game utilized two Wii Controllers; one for direction of movement and one for direction of fire. As with Coverfire HD, the player could fire in four directions independent of their movement, collect gems, and progress through levels.

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About Infinite Sands

Infinite Sands is a new venture by vetern programmer Jerason Banes. Its mission statement is to produce high quality retro titles for the iOS platform.


About WiiCade

WiiCade was founded in November of 2007 to provide online Flash games to Nintendo Wii users. In 2008 the company released an API that allowed programmers to use the Wii Remote features in Flash games. The same year WiiCade branched out into Javascript/DHTML game offerings. In 2009, a sister site called DSiCade was launched to provide Javascript/DHTML games to users of the Nintendo DSi.


Contact: Jerason Banes

Telephone: 608-334-1092


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