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Screenshots and video released from Welsh witch game.

Cardigan, Wales 17th. November 2009

Wales-based adventure developer Arberth Studios confirms that work on its next title 'Coven' is progressing well and has added new screenshots and a video trailer for the game to its website at http://www.arberthstudios.com.

Arberth is currently known for its debut title 'Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches' launched in 2008.

Comments spokesman Noel Bruton, "It's true that 'Coven' represents a slight stylistic shift for us. While 'Rhiannon' was a creepy, solitary exploration of a dangerously haunted Welsh farmstead, as these screenshots and the video show, in 'Coven' we're giving the drama an even larger stage, namely the centre of a Welsh harbour town, our fictional Castle Avon. There are also characters with whom the player will meet, team up, converse and negotiate.

There'll be more spoken word than in 'Rhiannon' and, within the expectations of our target players, a light sprinkling of action here and there. But at the heart of it, as in 'Rhiannon', our main mission remains the strength and depth of the story."

The premise of 'Coven' is that Castle Avon is beset by a number of unexplained problems. Local legend has it that the root of these difficulties lies in the execution of an alleged witch nearly 400 years ago.

In the present day, the first-person player lands in the midst of this and is forced by terrible circumstance to unravel the supernatural mystery that grips the town.

'Coven' is intended to appear on the PC in 2010. Publishing arrangements have yet to be finalised.

About Arberth Studios

Arberth Studios is a small team based in West Wales, on the Celtic fringes of Britain. The three are all members of the same family. The company was formed in 2008 and its first title 'Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches'

appeared in Europe and North America later the same year, to be followed during 2009 by Russian and German versions. A French version of 'Rhiannon'

is planned. 'Coven' will be its second game.

Special information for Editors

The 'Coven' screenshots are embedded in the Website. However, editors may download the images separately from the 'Press' page at http://www.arberthstudios.com

Press Contact:

Noel Bruton

Arberth Studios


+44 1239 811646

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