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Court In The Act!

Phoenix Wright ™ Ace Attorney ™ Justice for All passes judgement on Nintendo DS

25 January 2007- Exercise your keen sense of justice as you assume the role of the lawyer Phoenix Wright and take to the courtroom once again armed only with a golden tongue, modest case folder and that cheeky twinkle in your eye. In this game you are the only thing that stands between your clients and certain injustice. Following on from the critically acclaimed Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney , the courtroom is in session once more across Europe on 16th March 2007 when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All launches exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All is developed and published by Capcom and distributed by Nintendo.

Set six months after the events portrayed in the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, this game once again follows the exploits of the young lawyer as he battles a brand new District Attorney and exercises his legal prowess to collect evidence, examine witnesses and argue the case for his clients. With four all new cases to, Phoenix is this time up against an even tougher opposition when he finds out that the District Attorney is none other than the daughter of his old adversary Manfred von Karma and she is obsessed with taking him down.

As in the previous Phoenix Wright title the action is split into two distinct sections. The first is where players must investigate crime scenes and interrogate witnesses for clues, using the touch-screen to collect evidence and inspect items of interest. The second part of the game is based in the court-room where players use their skill to argue the case as well as interjecting at key moments via the Nintendo DS microphone with cries of 'Objection', 'Take that' and more.

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Justice for All features an all new 'Psyche-Lock' feature when Phoenix is dealing with a hostile witness who does not want to reveal the truth. The only way to get the necessary information out of the witness is for the player to open up the Psyche-Lock with a series of correct questions or by catching the witness out on inconsistent statements. Being able to effectively deal with these witnesses will become an essential part of winning the case in this game.

Another new addition to this game is a life bar, which represents Phoenix's status in court. Presenting dubious evidence and failing to break Psyche-Locks will reduce the player's credibility and cause this life bar to go down. When it gets too low Phoenix will lose the case and find himself in hot water with the judge. Players can replenish a life bar during the trial by successfully breaking witness Psyche-Locks.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for All takes to the stand across Europe on the Nintendo DS on 16th March 2006 for around 40 (£30 in the UK).

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