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Counter-Terrorism's Finest is Back: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror on PSP

Gabe Logan is back in the fight against global terrorism

For immediate release
Press information

New story and explosive real-world missions

'No military. No special forces. Just Gabe Logan.'

E3, Los Angeles, May 10 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe [SCEE] is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Syphon FilterTM: Dark Mirror developed exclusively for PSP (PlayStation®Portable).

An increasingly dangerous world filled with terrorist threats needs a safety measure - and that safety measure is Gabe Logan. National security is so sensitive he's working for a black ops US agency that doesn't officially exist, and having being listed M.I.A after his previous mission, Gabe returns to put his life on the line to save the world.

Take control of this deadly Precision Strike Operative as he is inserted into the field to uncover the latest threat to global security - a project known only as Dark Mirror. Confronting a woman from his past who reveals the shocking truth about Red Section, a para-military group who have stolen Dark Mirror, Gabe Logan knows he's the only man for the job. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is the most exciting episode yet in the Syphon Filter franchise - with an all-new story, new weapons and Gabe Logan firmly in control.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is packed with explosive real-world action adventures. From Finland to Bosnia, Alaska to Peru, Gabe's objective is to recover the elusive Project Dark Mirror - which sees him embroiled within the darkness of the world's Secret Services. And where the Russian Mafia, MI6 and Washington are involved, Gabe can't rely on conventional meansArmed with a host of weapons including a new rifle which uses the latest darts technology and a range of vision enhancement goggles, Gabe must infiltrate enemy territory.

An immersive single-player adventure that also delivers an evolving online multiplayer experience, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror features melee attacks, target lock, precision aiming, vision enhancements, improved artificial intelligence (AI), and high-tech weaponry, as well as five unique online maps using both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure connectivity, and four types of gameplay modes in multiplayer.

Key game features include:

  • Genre: action/ espionage
  • Developers: SCEA Bend
  • Explosive on-the-go action as counter terrorism's finest returns
  • Enhanced graphics engine has been completely overhauled including gloss mapping, high resolution textures and improved goggle effects
  • New rifle and selectable weapon types including special darts: taser, gas and explosive to take out multiple targets
  • New melee attacks - both by hand and knife
  • Enhanced AI: new behaviour and awareness states (idle, curious, alarmed based on the players actions)
  • Vision enhancements (Infrared, Night vision and Energy Sensor)
  • Garmisch & Helsinki locations
  • 23 single player missions and five multi-purpose online maps
  • Bonus missions - find out what really happened in the Omega Strain episode
  • Game Share a single mission


  • Team based head-to-head action via PVP (player to player):
  • Create your own agent
  • Highest ranking players can play as Gabe or Enemy commander, with access to unique weapons
  • Specially designed PVP weapons, gadgets and mines
  • Online community - ladders, buddy list and cells (similar to clans)
  • Four types of gameplay modes:
    • Objective
    • DeathMatch
    • Team DeathMatch
    • Rogue Agent


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