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Cosmo Bots offers fun, addictive arcade gameplay


Glen Ellyn, Ill. - November 11, 2004 - Some computer games make you think. Others test your reflexes. Then there are those which bolt you to the screen with intense action and addictive gameplay. One such game is Cosmo Bots, the latest downloadable release from the creators of Bugatron and Z-Ball Gold. Taking its cue from Jezzball and the arcade classic Qix, indie developer Retro64 challenges players to claim as much of the screen as possible while avoiding a legion of automated baddies.

To seize territory, the player activates a dual-sided shooter that extends a line in either direction. When the line is complete, the space to one side converts to captured territory. The player must claim a certain percentage of the screen to win the level.

Each map contains enemies that conspire to defend their territory. From the Laser Walker, which guns down lines as they're forming, to the Snake Bomber, which fires explosives at captured areas, the mechanized villains in Cosmo Bots are a clever bunch. Luckily, the player can eliminate these and other bots using one of several gratifying pickups. A player armed with a missile can eliminate one bot with a well-timed blast; someone quick enough to grab a fast-shot bonus will have an easier time claiming property.

Like each of Retro64's games, Cosmo Bots raises the bar on graphics for downloadable games. From eye-catching 3D animation to richly detailed backgrounds set in space, fans of the studio are unprepared for the visual delights that await them. Thumping techno music and ear-shattering sound effects round out the package.

Clocking in with more than 500 levels, Cosmo Bots offers enough content to keep hardcore fans glued to the screen for weeks. Casual users looking for a brief arcade fix during their coffee break will appreciate the dozens of easier levels and the ability to pick up where they left off.

Visit to view screenshots of Cosmo Bots, download a demo and purchase the full game.

About Retro64

Retro64 is an independent developer of downloadable games for the PC. Founded by professional game maker Michael Boeh in 1999, the company has revived the creative spirit and boundless innovation of the 1980's, when the Commodore 64 achieved widespread popularity and gave birth to a generation of small, autonomous studios capable of outshining the mega-publishers of the day. Retro64 has put together a catalog of first-rate PC games that fuse the playability of a long-lost era with the audio-visual sparkle of modern interactive entertainment. Not content to stick with one idea, the company's games include Bugatron, a timeless space shooter; a Breakout offering called Z-Ball Gold; Best Friends, a 3D platform game that brings console-style action to the PC; and the arcade classic, Cosmo Bots. Retro64 sells its games through its own online store, provides free technical support and offers a trial version of each of its products.


Mike Boeh

Retro64, Inc.

577 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 200

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Phone: 630-779-5364

Fax: 630-282-0479

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