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Cosmic Encounter Online 3rd Annual April Fools Roolz Party

April Fools Roolz Friday March 31 - April 3rd at

The 3rd annual April Fools Weekend at Cosmic Encounter Online kicks off after the Winter Crunch League Finals Game on Friday March 31st 8:00 PM est.

April Fools Roolz pushes Cosmic over the top, according to CE designer Peter Olotka.

"Since the basis of Cosmic Encounter is to break all the rules, April Fools Roolz is a great opportunity to show off the flexibility of CE's underlying design. With a simple 60 second restart, the game suddenly blasts into a whole new dimension. Extreme high and low pods, aliens in each others' skins, artifacts flying around like mad bees, mysterious win conditions and a rockin' lobby featuring the new CEO Jukebox instantly arrive to contribute to the Cosmic madness."

Cosmic Encounter Online is the multiplayer online game with over 170,000 games played. It currently features 33 Aliens and 40,920 different four player games. Each alien character wields its own unique power to gain advantage in a 20 minute contest. Cosmic Encounter Online has an all Flash client with a Java based (XadrA) server running in Linux.

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