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Cornutopia Software Announces New Space Shooter: Gunstorm

29 Apr 2005 - Cheshire, UK.

Cornutopia Software have announced the release of their latest game Gunstorm, now available on www.cornutopia.net with a download under 3Mb.

Gunstorm is a single screen space shooter. Mouse, keyboard or joy controlled, Gunstorm is a top down arcade game where the player must ascend through levels of alien waves, meeting different guardians along the way. Several game types are available to select and play. Gunstorm represents the most advanced game in a series stretching back to 1992. Influences include Asteroids and Deluxe Galaga.

One of the best features of Gunstorm is the balance of gameplay. A lot of work has gone into making each level get progressively more difficult, but never becoming impossible. Visit www.cornutopia.net for more information.

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