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Core gamers won't stop buying, say analysts

Regardless of income - as long as they have it - they'll not go without their passion

Two key analysts in the US have restated their belief that the videogames industry will maintain a solid foundation, thanks to the dedication of core gamers who will continue to buy games regardless of the macroeconomic situation.

"As long as hard-core gamers have a job, they will continue to buy games," said IDC's analyst Billy Pidgeon according to the Associated Press, and Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter added: "They may be wealthy, they may be poor, but they have no clue we are in a recession."

The comments come after US retailer GameStop cut its earnings target for its fiscal Q4, although the company's CEO was quick to point out that core gamers weren't to blame, but rather the uncertainty for seasonal gift-giving.

And chairman R Richard Fontaine added: "If the core gamers and the avid gamers are with us through these very unpredictable times, that's a very, very good sign for us."

The US market is set to grow to USD 22 billion by the end of 2008, according to NPD - up from USD 18 billion last year.

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