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Copycat Wii titles "drown before existing" - Ubisoft

Executive director of Ubisoft believes camera peripheral will help distinguish Your Shape from other fitness titles

Ubisoft's executive director Alain Corre has said that Wii titles which simply copy products already on the market have no chance of selling.

Speaking in a exclusive interview published today, Corre said that there is still room for innovation in the crowded Wii market, and he's confident the company's upcoming fitness title Your Shape can distinguish itself from products such as Wii Fit and EA Sports Active.

"The Wii market still has huge potential you just need to find the right angle and be different enough and innovative enough to please people," offered Corre. "There are hundreds of games and if yours is a 'me too' title it will drown before even existing."

"If you can surprise the consumers, if you can innovate and bring something new and fresh then you have huge opportunities. We're trying to do that and we have a lot of hope with our fitness game Your Shape."

Your Shape will be bundled with its own camera to track player movement and according to Corre, will appeal to those intimidated by traditional control methods.

"For the first time we'll be able to offer a camera with the package and players won't need a controller in their hand. The possibility is to open up interactive entertainment to a new population who have previously been afraid of any controllers."

For similar reasons Corre is excited by the new motion control peripherals revealed at E3 by Sony and Nintendo, believing that with new genres and technology new consumers will be attracted to gaming.

"It's a revolution because we've always been used to controllers and now you either don't have one at all you have something that isn't intimidating. It's something we have to integrate, and invent games that we have never experienced before.

"And hopefully it will grow the industry and make more consumers come to games because we are getting closer to them and there are less and less barriers to playing. Ultimately that will expand the videogame industry in the next ten years." he added.

The full interview with Alain Corre can be read here.

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