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Cooling Fan Console Stand

Cooling stand and carrying case do exactly what they say on the tin.

CTA Digital ( just announced two peripherals for avid Xbox gamers who care about keeping their console protected and cool. The Cooling Fan Console Stand cools the main console plus provides controller storage, while the Carrying Case makes traveling with your system safe and easy.

Keeping the Console Cool & Your Games Uninterrupted

The custom designed Cooling Fan Console Stand in black blends perfectly with the sophisticated Xbox Slim tower design while enhancing and protecting it. The fan keeps the Xbox's internal circuitry nice and cool while in use, helping to prevent overheating when playing hours at a stretch with friends. For efficient and hassle-free use, it is powered by the system's USB, unlike many other AC powered units. This accessory also has two built in controller cradles, one on each side of the base.

Hassle-free Travel with Your Xbox Slim

This custom-designed bag is a great carrying case for traveling with the Xbox 360 slim. A stylish but rugged exterior of zippered heavy-duty nylon defends your system from bumps and scrapes. Well-planned storage accommodates 12 game discs in dedicated slots as well as room in extra pouches for cables, controllers and accessories. It also has a strong built-in strap inside the bag for extra security. This carrying bag comes with a 50 inch adjustable shoulder strap for easy hands-free travel.

The cooling fan stand ( and the carrying case ( are available on Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other retailers that carry CTA Digital products. 

About CTA Digital:

CTA Digital ( has been building efficient and trusted game accessories for the past 5 years. They are determined to improve the way that we experience everyday products and consoles. Each new accessory built by CTA Digital is designed after months of careful deliberation and user testing to make sure that the final products are safe, practical, high quality, functional, and useful. For further information contact Amna Nadim at

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