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Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama

New trailer shows how the included doll peripheral works.

505 Games have today released a trailer all about Babysitting Mama! This latest video demonstrates how to bring the Mama doll to life and shows actual game play from Babysitting Mama. Released on 12, November 2010 the latest offering from Cooking Mama Limited comes with a unique plush doll peripheral that players use to follow Mama’s advice and play up to 50 mini games. Challenges include rocking the baby to sleep, feeding the baby and bathing the baby.

Children 3+ will love playing along with Mama and doing everything a real babysitter would do with the cuddly Mama doll. And, when it’s time to turn the games console off, budding babysitters can continue to cuddle and play with the Mama doll. With its plush finish and handstitched face it’s a toy that children will love to play with over and over again. The Mama doll peripheral is a worlds first doll peripheral for Wii and makes the perfect gift this Christmas.

Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama will be published by 505 Games on 12th November 2010 for Nintendo Wii.

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