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Cookie Rush

Save villagers from a giant, runaway biscuit.

RECIFE, Brazil - November 18, 2010

Mobjoy Studio, a Brazil based independent mobile developer, today released Cookie Rush for iPhone. Prepare for a sweet new portable action experience with Cookie Rush, from the developers of Undead Attack! Pinball HD. In Cookie Rush you must help innocent villagers avoid a crumbly end as they flee from the path of a giant steamrolling cookie. Use your finger to tap and strategically place trampolines in front of the fleeing villagers. Only you can help save the villagers by guiding them away from the cookie and into a rescue vehicle.

This isn't your grandma's cookie. The result of a recipe gone awry, Cookie Rush pits you against a literal cookie monster as it barrels along through villages, obliterating everything in its path. Unlike most cookies that prefer to be eaten with a glass of milk, this cookie prefers to steamroll over innocent people. Touch anywhere on the screen to create a trampoline that will help springboard the fleeing villagers to safety. Rescuing villagers involves guiding them to jump to their rescue as fast as possible.

Saving villagers is the key to success in Cookie Rush. The more you rescue, the more points you earn. Collect letters to spell the word "RUSH" to earn a big bonus. Pay close attention to the frightened fleeing villagers as they will provide clues as to what lies ahead. Watch out for angry animals in your path. Jumping over animals will allow them to take a bite out of the cookie and make it smaller and slower. But when the cookie turns bright red it will become indestructible and the only thing left to do is run!


• Travel through many beautifully handcrafted environments.

• Meet a great variety of awesome characters in each location.

• Fully computer-generated levels! Each time you play it's a whole new game.

• 15 daring achievements for you to test your skills.

• Find new surprising challenges as the game progresses.

• OpenFeint: see how well you stack up against everyone else in the world.

Cookie Rush is available now for iPhone and iPod Touch for $0.99, download it here:

Cookie Rush Press Kit:

Cookie Rush website:

About Mobjoy Studio:

Mobjoy Studio is an innovative and creative game studio committed to building new experiences by delivering high standard, visually stunning and joyful gaming. Our previous creation, Undead Attack! Pinball HD received more than 100,000 downloads. We believe that the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are outstanding entertainment devices and therefore our games will be custom built to these platforms to ensure the best possible experience.

Sam Dalsimer, TriplePoint for Mobjoy Studio


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