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"Control Tower to Private Pilot 2 - Great loop-the-loop!"


Developer: Abacus

Genre Microsoft FlightTM Simulator add-on 2002/2004

Platform: PC CD-ROM

Release 29th October 2004

SRP £24.99


Are you bored with Virgin Trains? Does the M25 have you tearing your hair out? Did British Airways lose your suitcase again? Then ditch public transport and go private - Private Pilot 2 that is. With this exciting new Flight Simulator 2002 / 2004 add-on, there'll be no more standing from Euston to Manchester, queuing to get onto the M4 or wearing the same pants for three days whilst B.A. try and find your luggage. Instead it'll be "doors to automatic", and "Sierra Foxtrot 21. You're clear to take off on runway one!" Moments later you'll be searing across the skies at your own pace enjoying the freedom to roam wherever you want your small plane to take you. And of course, unlike larger commercial aircraft, you're not limited to long runways and boring old air traffic control restrictions. Who needs them?

Take advantage of the flexibility to fly wherever you want in an Aerostar 700, an Aviat Husky, a Cessna 185, a Diamond Katana, a Pilatus PC12 or a Piper Tri-Pacer. Private Pilot 2 includes a challenging obstacle course that you fly to improve your skills plus there's also the choice of six custom sceneries including Odessa the Pilot Racing Course, Smokey Creek and Grant County International Airport.

At no extra cost, each plane is delivered with a minimum of three paint schemes. Try asking for that at your local Ford dealership! The only drawback with Private Pilot 2 is that the neighbours won't see you coming into land (which technically they could if you had a long enough driveway!)

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