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Control the Galaxy from Your Cell Phone with Space Wars - A Free Massively Multiplayer Mobile Game from Cellufun

NEW YORK - August 8, 2007 - Mobile gaming portal Cellufun debuts its newest mobile game, Space Wars, to consumers worldwide today. A Massively Multiplayer Mobile Game (MMMG), Space Wars lets users compete in real-time against up to 120 other players for control of a virtual galaxy.

Space Wars is one of the first advertising-supported MMMG that is compatible with virtually all handsets. The space opera connects players via the mobile Internet and offers innovative features, including the ability to research technologies, build fleets and launch them to conquer other worlds, forge alliances using "subspace" chat, dispatch spy probes, and battle for dominance of the entire universe.

Space Wars is already proving to be compelling and addicting to users, as seen during its beta test. Approximately 1,500 gamer participants scheduled their daily activities around the game, which is on track for one million page views before its official launch. Many set their alarm clocks for the middle of the night to initiate key engagements.

"The Space Wars experience is far-reaching and long-lasting because it offers interactive features not normally seen in multiplayer battles," says Cellufun CEO Arthur Goikhman. "We've seen our beta testers take unprecedented and creative approaches to the game, such as launching coordinated attacks in waves."

Space Wars enables gamers to be active throughout the entire play of the game by providing tools to search for advanced technologies that will allow them to control the universe and expand their empire. Being a great ruler also requires keeping the empire in check by maintaining positive morale and avoiding revolt.

Users start the game with their own planet and finite resources: religion to keep the people happy; factories to build fleets; and research and development to increase hyper drive speeds. As the game advances and the galaxy becomes more "populated" by additional players, users are further constrained by what other players do, enabling the game to become a more challenging and sophisticated competition with other human players.

Space Wars also lets players schedule actions to occur automatically when they're busy with real-life activities, such as working and sleeping. The nature of the game allows users to calculate when their fleets will reach specific destinations, which may take minutes or hours, depending on the distance. The game avoids time zone issues by allowing players worldwide to engage in the same game play throughout the day, with no real disadvantage.

"Space Wars lets a player put the game on strategic auto-play when real world demands need attention like work, school, or a call from a friend," continues Goikhman. "We allow our users to play the game on their own time and pick up where they left off when they're ready. This game appeals to users because of its interactivity and convenience."

Space Wars joins Cellufun's growing collection of free mobile entertainment content, which includes MobilePets, Sudoku, The Battle for Orion's Belt, Why Chicken Why? and Chess. These games will soon be joined by new releases from the company, such as Saturday Night Bowling, Street Racer, Video Poker, Video Black Jack and Video Slots.

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Cellufun is an ad-sponsored mobile gaming portal, which provides free entertainment content. Since April 2006 it has offered casual, connected and multiplayer games for existing and next-generation Web-enabled mobile phones to consumers in 160 countries. Users can join the Cellufun community by going to

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