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Conspiracy to bring CyberFront PSP title to America

California based publisher Conspiracy Entertainment has announced another deal to bring Japanese titles to North America, with the firm set to publish a PSP title from CyberFront in the near future.

Which game exactly the deal covers hasn't been revealed, but CyberFront is known for a wide-ranging set of titles in Japan, including Puzzle Bobble, Fatal Fury, Raiden II and Princess Maker 4.

"We are very excited to bring a CyberFront property to North American gamers," according to Conspiracy president and CEO Sirus Ahmadi. "We are equally excited to be working with CyberFront, an established Japanese developer and publisher. We are proud to have won their confidence and hope to expand on our relationship in the future."

The CyberFront agreement is the second such deal to be arranged by Conspiracy in the past month, following on from the announcement of a multi-game licensing agreement with another Japanese firm, HyperDevbox.

"In less than a month, we have closed two license agreements that we hope will bring high quality games from Japan to the North American market," confirmed Conspiracy CFO Keith Tanaka. "One of our goals for 2005 is to expand our product line by introducing new and different products to North American and European gamers. This announcement is another step in that direction."

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