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Conspiring on PlayStation Home.

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 20, 2011 – Jet Set Games™ today announced that its social spy-based game,  Conspiracy, is now available in PlayStation®Home. In Conspiracy, players take on the role of undercover agents and explore a clandestine world where secretive corporations engage in a daily war over intelligence and technology.

Players will form an alliance with the corporation of their choosing, the decision of which will affect the missions they can attempt and the rewards they can attain, as they attack rival corporations in pursuit of “The Goods.” The daily war among the corporations plays out in raids, where players will take on guards, turrets, security systems and other traps, while simultaneously solving puzzling mini-games to gain access to intel.

Players will combine this in-game intelligence with information found outside the game on social networks and community forums, to piece together the ultimate Conspiracy – who is really in charge?

“We’ve built incredibly robust multiplayer online game to bring Conspiracy to life,” said Rade Stojsavljevic, president of Jet Set Games. “It was important to us to create an experience that pulled the PlayStation Home community together, not only inside the game but also through social networking sites, to challenge them to use their ingenuity and work together to solve the puzzles and gain the rewards.”

Conspiracy is now available to North America-based players via the game’s public space inside the PlayStation Home navigator. The game is scheduled to launch in European territories in the coming weeks. Conspiracy is free to play, and players can upgrade their gadgets and buy additional abilities via micro-transactions in their PlayStation®Network account.

Features of Conspiracy:

·  Puzzle-Based Raids – Multiple puzzle-based raids that players work through to gain The Goods and uncover parts of the overall Conspiracy. The raids feature varying degrees of difficulty, with increasingly elaborate security measures to match the player’s growing skills.

·  Uncover the Conspiracy – Players can work together, both in game and through external communications channels and social networks, to piece together the overall story of the game. Players who uncover various parts of the Conspiracy are rewarded with exclusive items and abilities.

·  Gear Up – Players take their PlayStation Home avatar through the raids and can upgrade their character’s clothing, weapons, gadgets and abilities through both in-game rewards and micro-transactions.

·  Replay for Rewards – Players can solve raids multiple times to uncover new secrets and clues, earn additional faction points for their corporation, improve their times, and increase their personal rank on the leader boards.

·  Ongoing Content Updates – New raids, additional player factions, new items and gear, and further story plot points are planned on an ongoing basis.


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About Jet Set Games, Inc.

Jet Set Games™, Inc. was founded in 2008 by creators of the original Command & Conquer games, and is based out of Las Vegas, NV. The company develops products for mobile devices and console platforms with a focus on elegant design and simple control, including the critically and commercially successful turn-based strategy game, Highborn, available for Apple’s iOS and Google Chrome. More information on the company and products can be found at

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