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Conquest: Divide and Conquer

Strategy game gets an update, a 50% discount and a new video.


January 3, 2011Proxy Studios, a small independent games developer, announces a major update to their debut title Conquest: Divide and Conquer. Conquest is a unique spin on the turn-based strategy genre, offering fast, simultaneous turn-based strategy gameplay focused on smart troop movement and precise operation usage.

The mentioned update adds a popularly missed feature: offline play; a dozen of presentation improvements, such as detailed shadows, bump mapping, and unit travel and death animations which serve to improve the experience for new players and ease the understanding of the game's simple but deep mechanics.

The more mature audience may be happy to know that gore has also been added. Proxy Studios states: "Our plan all along was to present a certain dark and gritty atmosphere, and with the recent improvements to our game engine our goal is becoming easier and easier to realize. This is our style and you can be sure we will never create a flower power game."

A new video has also been released with the update and is available at

Conquest is currently on a holiday sale -- 50% off ($7.50 instead of $15) until January 10, 2011 -- for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on the official website There is also a free demo available. Both paying and demo customers are able to play with and against each other with certain restrictions.

For more information on Conquest visit

About Proxy Studios

Proxy Studios is a small independent developers studio composed primarily of two dedicated students. The beginning of their custom engine dates back to 2005, but they have since come a long way. They first exposed their work to the public with the open Conquest beta in 2008 while the game was still in 2D. Proxy Studios' official website is located at 


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