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Conquest Acts sees the light

enne enters the videogame industry with Conquest Acts, with a game for mobile phones about adventure and strategy. It was developed on Unkasoft´s mobile development platform. It will be released in November.


In Conquest Acts ( the player leads two different groups of characters. The player starts by leading the heroes sent to stop the necromancer Hacendar, owner of the powerful Conquest, a magical gauntlet; later in the game the player has the opportunity to fight Hacendar´s army and face Babel heroes.

The player must know each member of his or her group well, their skills and how to combine them with the rest of the group so as to overcome the challenges posed by Conquest Acts.

enne has developed Conquest Acts using the technology platform from the company Unkasoft, which enabled the videogame to be compatible with most mobile phones. Besides, the story is set in Babel Dimensions, an epic world of fantasy, another creation by Unkasoft.

Roberto Martín, Director of Operations from enne entertainment studios says:

"We are very excited about the launching of Conquest Acts. It goes hand in hand with enne´s philosophy to develop different, quality videogames, and to promote Spanish brands such as Babel Dimensions. Conquest Acts is very easy to play and challenging turning it into a very addictive game."

"With the launching of Conquest Acts we are witnessing the birth of a new product which uses the most advanced technology in the world of videogames for mobile phones. The videogame industry is one of the fastest growing industries; enne has proved to have the speed and quality to keep up and stand out." Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, Founding Partner from Unkasoft.

Conquest Acts stands out for the quality of the graphics and an interesting plot with unexpected events combining as much adventure as strategy.

The game has two different levels of difficulty: normal and deadly. There are also two play modes: history mode and Xtime mode.

The History Mode shows the different characters step by step, their skills, their motivations and the threats they must face. The player must overcome a number of objectives throughout 9 levels to gain experience and new skills for the characters; levels must be reached up until the final battle.

The Xtime Mode lets the player choose a particular length of time to play: 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

The videogame will be available from the 20th of November from

About enne

enne is a digital content producer for entertainment, but beyond that it's a team of professionals who share the same interests and the aim of producing work of the highest quality and originality. enne´s final aim is that you get as much enjoyment from our products as we did while we were making them. More information about enne's products at

About Unkasoft

Unkasoft is a company that deals with mobile games development and that has achieved the automation for most of the processes needed to adapt contents to all mobile phones, avoiding fragmentation with their platform. Unkasoft is a specialist in Advergaming and Mobile Marketing,

and a pioneer at discovering new ways of advertising in the digital world.

More information about Unkasoft can be found at

Contact information

Silvina Albarado | | Tel: +34 923 100 300

P.I. El Montalvo. C/ Lagunas de Villafáfila 90. 37008 Salamanca. Spain

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