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Conquer Online

More info on the "Returning Light" update and it's Monk class.

Unleashed on December 16th, “The Returning Light” marks another thrilling expansion to the Conquer Online universe, bringing a bounty of new content to the long standing martial arts MMO. 

As part of the updated content, players of CO will experience new tournaments, compete against challenging new bosses, take advantage of massive in-game housing improvements, and be able to play as an exciting, brand new class: The Monk! 

With a gentle and serene history spanning thousands of years, the Monks have maintained separation from the outside world, focusing their attention on achieving enlightenment and higher states of being. But now,thanks to an evil force spreading throughout the Conquer Online universe, the usually peaceful Monks have been forced to return... 

An asset on the front-line of battle and a powerful force at the back, players will quickly realise that the key to unlocking the Monk's true potential comes in understanding the balance of its incredible abilities. Boasting a powerful combination of strong close–hand combat and magical support, the Monk class in Conquer Online will become an intrinsic element of any successful battle strategy. 

The Monks are as magical as they are mysterious, and through mastering the 5 elemental Auras – Wood, Metal, Water, Fire and Earth – they are able to boost their team's resistance to element-specific threats while under attack.

However, while it is true that the Monks are focused on healing and enhancing their party’s abilities - removing detrimental conditions and hexes from their team members during combat - they can also utilize their own, powerful kung fu skills to devastating effect. 

True to life, the Monks of Conquer Online gain their powers by equipping themselves with mystical Beads and Frocks. With over 40 different levels of beads to choose from, including powerful Prayer Beads that imbue them with their special Kung fu skills, players using the Monk class will be presented with a wide variety of ways, and moves, to dominate their opponents. 

Should the Monks fight at the front with their powerful attacks, or remain at the back and cast their magic? This is for you to decide. 

From a terrifying Snow Banshee capable of using ice (and even avalanches!) against players; to a demon Sword with incredible blade skills; defeating the challenging new bosses of CO's “The Returning Light” expansion will allow players of all classes to unlock powerful Dragon Soul rewards; the details of which are shrouded in mystery. 

Beyond the combat, home proud martial artists will benefit from an array of housing improvements thanks advances with building materials and engineering methods in the CO universe. 

A perfect way to enter a zen-like state after a hard day of battle, players will be able to change the appearance of their housing and upgrade it to a Class 3, or even Class 4 home, meaning there is more space for their friends and family to come and visit! 

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About Conquer Online:

Conquer Online is a leading free2play MMORPG with a persistent world devoted to ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic.

In the mythical and ancient Kung Fu circle, there was an evil guild that had risen to power and dominated the once peaceful world. Living under it= s terror, a group of courageous men and women gathered as one to improve upon their lot.

Conquer Online is published by renowned Chinese-based online games publisher TQ Digital - 

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