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Conquer Online

More about the upcoming "Returning Light" expansion.

Conquer Online's eagerly awaited new expansion, the Returning Light, gets more and more and more drool worthy every time it’s on display.

The latest new class, Monk, will be CO’s 6th playable class and the most exciting one as well! Different from any other melee class in CO, it’s a perfect combination of skilled hand-to–hand combat and tough back-line support.

The biggest concern for most players is what exactly the Monk will bring to Conquer Online. Some might say it’s just another typical melee class and nothing special, or maybe it will just become another OP class. But TQ Digital want to put your mind at ease, announcing they've been working extra hard to make sure the Monk fits in perfectly among all of the other classes.

After an exciting week of trying out the new features in the Public Test Server, TQ Digital have got some first hand information for you. Here are 7 reason to love the Monk!

1. Shaolin Culture, Unique Motions & Animation: Newly added Kung-fu style Monk garments, weapons, and even the Monk’s specially designed running & fighting motions and animation will change how you see things, delivering an incredible, new gaming experience.


2. Wu Xing – The Five Elements: For the very first time, Conquer Online brings the concept of “Wu Xing” to the game. "Wu Xing" is actually short for "the five types of chi, that dominate at different times".

Water dominates in Winter, wood in Spring, fire in Summer, and metal in Autumn. At the intersection between two seasons, the transitional period is dominated by earth. As a master of “Chi”, the Monk was endowed with all five of these elemental powers. This is a great benefit to the PVE battles, especially when confronted with the giant bosses! A Monk will add different elementary attributes to his teammates in order to boost their Attack or Defense. Players need to strengthen their cooperation and keep adjusting their strategies if they hope to stand victorious against the demons.

3. Monk VS Ninja: As a class specialized in solo PVP, the Ninja has incomparable advantages in speed and power. Ever since it was released in 2008, the Toxic Fog skill has been an overwhelming force in Conquer Online. Players would complain that the Ninja was too powerful. Finally, the arrival of the Monk and its special skills will help to balance out the classes, and push CO to a new level.


4. More Exciting Group PVP: Similar to the PVE battles, a Monk will assist their teammates in larger PVP battles by providing various kinds of helpful Auras. Therefore, in a group PK competition, protecting your Monk becomes vitally important to winning the battle. The Monk could be your opponents NO.1 target, so players have to keep a close eye on him. Strategies and positioning is the key.

5. Skill Chain: The Monk’s skills focus on holy energy, but they also have many powerful combat skills. The Monk can create combos with different skills, linking them in a unique chain of incredible martial arts attacks. All of its PVP abilities are governed by what skills he applies to the chain, and how quickly the player can react


6. Brand New Rebirth Combo: The arrival of the new class introduces new Rebirth combos in the game, meaning there will be more options for classes & skill combos. Which is the best? The answer can only be decided by you!

7. The Medium of CO: Due to the spiritual power it possesses, the Monk becomes another class that can see beyond the world of the living, and can even hear the haunting words of ghosts!

To celebrate the arrival of the holy Monk, CO will be holding a series of grand events, including some new PK tournaments. There will be lots of fabulous rewards waiting to be claimed, and the most exciting thing is, players who sign up for CO will have chance to gain free Kung-fu classes from CHINESE SHAOLIN KUNGFU CENTER ( in the United States! (Details will be released soon.)

With all these great things coming up, how can you afford to miss out? See you in December!

Coming Soon, Dec. 16th

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About Conquer Online:

Conquer Online is a leading free2play MMORPG with a persistent world devoted to ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic.

In the mythical and ancient Kung Fu circle, there was an evil guild that had risen to power and dominated the once peaceful world. Living under its terror, a group of courageous men and women gathered as one to improve upon their lot.

Conquer Online is published by renowned Chinese-based online games publisher TQ Digital - 

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