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Conquer Online

Hey hey, we're the Monks.

The Returning Light expansion, released on the 16th December 2010, adds awesome new bosses, huge housing improvements and brand new tournaments to CO, but the most exciting new addition has to be the new Monk class, whose martial skills know no equal.

These mystical warriors are masters of the five elemental auras: wood, metal, water, fire and earth; bending nature to their will to great effect. Not only can the Monk act as an effective support by boosting their party’s resistance to elemental threats, they can also get their hands dirty in hand-to-hand combat, using amazing Kung fu skills to annihilate their foes. Because of this dual role, players are going to have a lot of fun thinking about how to tactically utilize the Monk’s skills depending on the situation.

Players will no doubt enjoy performing the impressive Kung fu combat skills the Monk has at its disposal. Take Radiant Palm for example. The Monk strikes out against all foes within 4 paces, inflicting massive damage on all who fall victim to the attack.

But that’s not all the class has to offer.

The Monk’s magical skills, or Chi Kung, can heal or buff team mates with auras, such as the Tyrant Aura, which increases the chance an ally has of performing a critical strike.

One of the coolest magical skills is Soul Shackle, which chains up the soul of a dead opponent for 60 seconds, preventing resurrection. The visual representation of this is fantastic, showing the milky white soul of the deceased chained to the ground, unable to break free.

The Monk’s weapon of choice is the humble prayer bead. But make no mistake, these seemingly innocent trinkets pack some mighty power, and with over 40 levels of prayer beads for players to get their hands on, the Monk is both a martial force to be reckoned with and a joy to play.

Of course, the Monk also needs some protection when going toe-to-toe with the ruthless creatures of Conquer Online. Fortunately, players have a host of mystical Frocks and Headbands to choose from to give them the edge in battle. Players will love the fantastically designed defensive apparel, such as the Frock of Heavenly Bliss and the Cap of Nirvana, which not only look good, but offer a great deal of defense.

To find out more and experience the thrill of playing as the Returning Light Monk class, sign up for a free Conquer Online account today:


About Conquer Online:

Conquer Online is a leading free2play MMORPG with a persistent world devoted to ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic.

In the mythical and ancient Kung Fu circle, there was an evil guild that had risen to power and dominated the once peaceful world. Living under its terror, a group of courageous men and women gathered as one to improve upon their lot.

Conquer Online is published by renowned Chinese-based online games publisher TQ Digital -";


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