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Conflict Vietnam


With the solid foundation of the original Conflict Vietnam to draw inspiration from, Conflict Vietnam: Gizmondo aims to provide the player with a slightly more arcade-action-packed-yet-strategically-challenging gaming experience. Spread over ten large levels the game takes the player through a number of different mission scenarios. From simple clear and sweep shoot outs to intelligence gathering missions deep in enemy territory. From full frontal assaults on VC strongholds to defensive missions to protect the US base camp. The player will need to learn to use the various skills and abilities of their individual squad members and strategically employ them in the right place at the right time.

Key Features

1) Ten large, action packed levels

2) The best levels from the original game +

3) Some all new exclusive levels only on Gizmondo

4) Day Time and Night Time missions

5) Eighteen weapons to collect and choose from

6) Three main enemy types plus Tanks and turrets

7) Plenty of explosions from grenades, rocket launchers, air-strikes and more

8) Valuable squad members with unique abilities and skills

9) Isometric game view

10) Full 3d terrain

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