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Concorde Professional

The best commercial aircraft ever built? Just Flight think so, and now that the real Concorde has stopped flying it’s time for flight simulation to step up to the crease and carry on batting for this remarkable aviation achievement.

Label: Just Flight

Developer: Phoenix Simulation

Genre Flight Simulation

Release 29th October 2004

SRP £29.99

Concorde Professional is the most detailed re-creation of this great aircraft developed for the consumer market and its unparalleled accuracy will make flying a challenge similar to that provided by the real aircraft.

Despite the disappointing end to Concorde's flying days, in terms of performance it continues to be the most advanced airliner ever built. The excitement of travelling from London to New York at twice the speed of sound is now an experience reserved for military pilots with plenty of fuel.

However, thanks to the development team at Phoenix Simulation (PSS), you'll soon be able to operate this supersonic marvel in Flight simulator 2004. The team at Phoenix are the acknowledged experts on airliner expansions - they created the first 'professional' Concorde package for Flight Simulator 98 over six years ago - and Concorde Professional is set to be the most advanced package they've ever put together.


  • Fully animated parts including nosecone and nose visor; landing gear with compression and extension of main bogies, nosewheel steering, tail wheel and elevons; split rudder, passenger and cargo doors, landing light pods, 3D engine fan blades, engine intake ramps and thrust reverser nozzles.
  • Accurate flight model with re-heat effect and an authentic version of Concorde's unique INS (Internal Navigation System).
  • Four contemporary and 'classic' British Airways and Air France liveries of Concorde.
  • Fully detailed virtual cockpit includes high resolution gauges with reflective glass as well as animated control yokes, rudder pedals, throttle levers and engineers panel.

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Flight Simulator 2002 or 2004, XP/2000/ME (not guaranteed to work under Win98) - DirectX8.1 (or later)


PC with 1.4 GHz equivalent or higher processor, 512 Mb RAM. 64 Mb DirectX 8.1 compatible video card required, hard disk space TBA

About Just Flight

Just Flight is the world's leading flight simulation specialist, publishing a wide range of digital aviation products. Their range spans over 50 titles, including standalone flight simulation games, add-ons for the multi-million selling Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator series and even books, videos and DVDs.

The British, Cambridge-based company has been established for some 7 years. It prides itself on quality, value and customer service, which it backs up with a unique money-back guarantee on all its products. It has been recognised with nominations for 'Best of British' by the software industry and accolades from the Daily Express and Royal Mail for its successes.

Its products are used by some 150,000 known flight simulation enthusiasts in over 150 countries.

Full details of the company's products can be found at

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