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Four Key Areas Highlighted In 100 Simulated Matches; England Coach Andy Robinson Sent Training Aid

25 February 2005

The most complex and accurate rugby simulation ever created has been employed to offer England Coach Andy Robinson statistical guidelines on how the national rugby union team can triumph against Ireland over the coming weekend.

Pro Rugby Manager 2 - which is released the day before the crunch match - has been built upon a solid foundation of player research and analysis, ensuring each pass, kick, tackle and run is calculated with the utmost accuracy. The publisher of the game simulated 100 matches between the teams, with the conclusion being England need to focus on four key areas in order to avoid defeat.

"There were some interesting results, which will hopefully prove of use for last-minute training sessions," says Terry Mallham, Managing Director, Digital Jesters. "As an English company, we're keen to see our boys revive their RBS Six Nations Tournament. During the course of the 100 games, the sophisticated Pro Rugby 2 match simulation consistently highlighted four key areas the team need to watch. We've sent the full analysis to Andy Robinson along with a copy of the game, which will enable him to tinker with team selection and tactics and view the predicted outcome. We only wish the game had been finished for the coach to play with ahead of the tournament's kick-off."

Pro Rugby Manager 2 identified the four following areas which have been identified as crucial to the team's success on Sunday:-

A weak centre. "In the vast majority of matches, rejuvenated O'Driscoll repeatedly broke through the first tackle," says Malham. "Whilst the simulated matches illustrated that England can contain him better than the teams Ireland has beaten in the Six Nations Tournament to date, the pressure on the backs always told at the end. "

Getting out wide: "In the simulated matches, England were able to exploit the wings far more effectively than they did against France," continues Malham. "Matt Cueto shone in 80 per cent of games played, cutting back inside to good effect."

Robinson's position: "Jason Robinson, ineffective up until now in the tournament, was pushed up into the line more frequently, adding an extra man," reveals Malham. "In defence, he stayed deep to cover Ronan O'Gara's continued insistence on kicking the ball at every opportunity."

The lineout: "Over the 100 games, Ireland won a massive proportion of their own throw, whereas England continued to struggle," concludes Malham. "It will be vital for England to limit the success of the Ireland lineouts to stop them making the most from what is clearly the best set of backs in the tournament."

Pro Rugby Manager 2 for PC CD-ROM will be in-stores on Friday, 25th February 2005, so budding England coaches can play with the team themselves. Publisher Digital Jesters wishes England all the best for the remainder of the tournament.


Note to editors: Founded in 2003, Digital Jesters is a British-based publisher of computer and video games. Set up by the duo responsible for launching and establishing the Sudden Strike and Cossacks series of games in the UK, the firm's remit is simple: to source and publish the best games available. The company's commitment to originality resulting in it snapping up the original TrackMania game from French developer Nadeo and DJ's ethos of community development strategy resulted in the game becoming one of the sleeper hits of the year. A tie-in with record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur for the firm's second release Virtual Skipper 3 ensured the game received widespread attention among the elusive non-gamer, and firmly placed the publisher on the map. The firm has enjoyed three top 10 PC hits, one of which is from the developers Cyanide, creators of Pro Rugby Manager and now DJ is expanding its operation to cover additional territories. It has also published its own comic book to widespread critical acclaim.

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