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Commander In Chief

Puts you into the shoes of President Obama. (He won't be needing them while he's walking on water.)

PARKVILLE, MD – DECEMBER 8, 2008 -- Commander in Chief, a geo-political simulation game for PCs, puts players in President Obama’s shoes starting on January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day, when the game will be available at retail stores nationwide and online at

Players face the same complex issues as President Obama – economics, energy, national security, terrorism, and all things politic – and can test their ability in five levels of difficulty to govern the U.S. on a world stage, responding to actions taken by fellow global leaders, just as in real life.

Commander in Chief is played on a detailed 3D world map showing 192 countries and 8,000 cities in a visually stimulating user interface with multiple windows, on-screen video inserts, and scrolling ticker tapes. Each country has current data on 400 key factors including:

Economics (unemployment, inflation);

Energy (oil, gas, nuclear, hydro-electric, alternative energy sources);

Monetary (interest rates, stock markets, currency);

Social (unemployment and heath insurance, social security);

Military (detailed information on weaponry, arms production, locations of 1,000 military bases around the world);

Environment (carbon monoxide emissions, Kyoto protocols);

Culture (film production, sports, Internet distribution); and many other categories.

Commander in Chief also includes data from 50 international organizations including the United Nations, G7, NATO, NAFTA, and OPEC, adding another layer of real world relationships.

What the Player President Can Do in Commander in Chief

Players’ early tasks are to select members of the Cabinet and heads of states from 250 personality types and 20 variables including age, gender, political leaning, religion, charisma, competence, popularity, etc.

The Player President is immediately faced with internal and external decision making, and every decision has an in-game consequence.

Internal decisions involve managing budgets, security, education, health care, deliberation over many proposed laws, dealing with powerful lobbies, responding to vocal critics, and many other activities. Every decision has a consequence which changes the political environment. For example, raising taxes will generate criticisms and protests while lowering taxes will result in players having less money to play with. Cut spending or re-align spending priorities and expect outrage from special interest groups.

External decisions involve military issues, global monetary and economics, trade agreements, and spending time lobbying other Presidents, Prime Ministers, and dictators. Players can determine the course of world events by invading a neutral country, toppling an unfriendly regime, or plotting assassinations, and then must face the economic, political, and military consequences.

All of these decisions are made under the constant threat of a terrorist strike in a major U.S. city, or the possible invasion of the U.S. by foreign military forces.

Commander in Chief allows the Player President to consult daily newspapers, use his or her laptop or phone to communicate with other government officials or leaders of other countries.

Players have a choice of “Open Mode” where the President Player’s goal is to remain in power as long as possible or the “Missions Mode” which challenges players with reaching specific goals. The game can be played in Solo mode (one player) against the computer or in “Multiplayer War Game Mode” (up to 16 players).

Gamers can also enjoy the added fun of acting in the roles of leaders of other countries.

Think you can do better than President Obama? Starting January 20th you can try your best in Commander in Chief, available at $39.95.

Commander in Chief was developed by Eversim, published by IGS (Interactive Gaming Software based in Maryland), and distributed in North America by Atari Distribution. The game is marketed as Politik Simulator in Germany, World Leader in Australia, Mission President in France, Yo Presidente in Spain, and Выборы-2008. Геополитический симулятор in Russia in which each player can become the leader of his or her respective country.

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