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Command and Conquer 4 DRM causes problems

Gamers complain need for constant internet connection is crashing game

Gamers have been experiencing problems playing Command & Conquer 4 - an issue which seems to be due to the game's DRM requirement of a permanent internet connection.

The game's official forum has been flooded with complaints following the game's release on Friday, with people experiencing connection difficulties, firewall compatibility problems and crashes which result in lost save data.

Eurogamer readers have also reported problems. As the site noted in its review, C&C4's DRM - which works similarly to Ubisoft's unpopular system - means a user must be connected to the internet at all times when playing.

"Just like Ubisoft's contempt-to-the-max DRM system, this will kick you out if your net connection drops for any reason - even in single-player," said the review.

EA's community manager responded to problems being reported by forum members over the weekend, and a patch to address issues with the English and Russians versions of the game has now been released.

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