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Coming To A Mobile Screen Near You, E.T. Phones-Home One More Time with Ojom

(Berlin, 15th October 2007): Ojom GmbH, a leading creator and global publisher of mobile games, today announced the launch of E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial, the game. Taking its title from the epic and heart-wrenching movie featuring E.T., this 1982 classic has been transformed into an adventure for you and Earths most beloved alien over 42 mini classic games.

Fans of vintage arcade games and of the classic movie will re-kindle their love affair with E.T., in a series of old skool games. The backdrop of the movie adds some extra magic, as you become part of the fantastic relationship between a boy and his best friend. Your mission is to collect all the materials needed to help E.T. build a machine to phone home, you collect these artifacts via a series of mini games. So get ready to hop on your BMX and evade the evil scientists and government officials and help E.T. phone home.

The game includes all the favourites that will be familiar to fans of the movie; BMX rides, hiding in Elliot's cupboard in a block style game, Elliot's little sister sneaking along for the adventure, and of course E.T. himself. A great touch to the game is the playroom; where you can play all 42 challenging games in E.T.'s hideout. The games include; E.T. dressed as a lady in the basket, Elliot's familiar red jumper, Gerti's teddies, and a game where Elliot has to lure E.T. into the house via a trial of sweets. There are many different types of logic, reflex, strategy, escape and action style games to test your skills.

The games backdrop of quintessential suburban America and its colourful 3D graphics bring E.T. to life on your phone. With quirky features and endearing references to the movie, you'll quickly become engrossed in these addictive mini games. In the playroom mode you can opt for one of three difficulty levels to train E.T. for the play mode. In play mode you work your way through each of the 42 mini games to become the ultimate champion and send E.T. home.

Thomas Brockhage, Managing Director of Ojom GmbH, said: "This game encapsulates all of the great memories from the cult classic movie underpinned with challenging and exciting games. The games include many classic formats that have universal appeal, and with the addition of E.T. it bridges all generation gaps."

ET - The Extra Terrestrial is the latest addition to Ojom's growing repertoire of mobile games inspired by films. The game is now available on operator portals across Europe.


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