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Comic Book RPGs - Immortal Souls

Playable demo available of vampire combat game from SyFy Channel movie maker Bobby K. Richardson.


North Hollywood, California/USA -- November 12, 2010 -- Comic Book RPGs ( http://www.comicbookrpgs.com) has released a playable demo for the first installment of their action-packed PC and Mac game "Immortal Souls", releasing December 2010. "Immortal Souls" features a fast-paced combat system inspired by elements from Final Fantasy, Puzzle Quest and Bejeweled.

In "Immortal Souls" two vampires must fight to save their souls from the legions of hell. The game features combat with a color-coded attack grid that must be used to destroy color-coded armor. Players can level up, loot/buy/equip items, and collect gold trophies by mastering the intricacies of the combat system.

Two individual issues of "Immortal Souls" will be released in December 2010. "Immortal Souls: John Turner #1" and "Immortal Souls: Codename Raven #1", each featuring 16 chapters of exciting combat propelled by a comic book style story. Pre-order copies can currently be purchased at a 30% discount on http://www.comicbookrpgs.com

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for a screenshots, evaluation copy or demo), contact bobbyk@comicbookrpgs.com or visit http://www.comicbookrpgs.com.

Final Fantasy, Puzzle Quest, and Bejeweled are not associated with Comic Book RPGs in any shape way or form. All mentions of these trademarks are used only for comparison.

About Comic Book RPGs

Comic Book RPGs ( http://www.comicbookrpgs.com) is an independent game studio founded by Hollywood feature film producer, director and editor Bobby K. Richardson known for SyFy Channel movies such as "Dragonquest" and "Journey to the Center of the Earth".


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