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Come meet the Critters

Press release 1st June 2006

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce the signing of Flipper Critters for Nintendo DS, from Hungarian developer, Zen Studios Ltd.

Flipper Critters is set to redefine the entire pinball genre - and create the fastest, funniest, the most colorful and exciting pinball game to reach the Nintendo DS

The entire Flipper Critters experience is set in a rich and engaging fantasy world, complete with strange characters, perilous quests and a host of challenging arcade mini-games. Utilising the full potential of both screens, Flipper Critters shows off every angle and aspect of the vibrant, cartoon world!

Instead of confining the action to a standard pinball table, all of the fast-flipping action in Flipper Critters takes place in a variety of landscapes, locations and areas, from town squares and mountain valleys through to towering castles and even the surface of the moon! All of the most famous and favourite pinball features are still there, including ramps, sinkholes, bumpers, jackpots, gates and goals - though not as you know them.

And that's not all. Flipper Critters also features a wide range of mini-games which challenge players to master a variety of new skills and make use of the unique aspects of the Nintendo DS, including the touch screen and WiFi. Players can access several mini games and travel to different areas of the map from the pinball tables within the game. The mini games and areas can be accessed in any order, making the gaming experience different for each player and each gameplay session.

Throughout the game, players will encounter and receive help from some of Flipper Critters' peculiar inhabitants. Characters can offer help, cast spells or offer the player quests and challenges to undertake, helping them to reach new areas of the map.

Features include:

  • Both display screens in full 3D - a first!!
  • A feast of missions and objectives that help to advance the story.
  • A high degree of freedom in deciding what missions to do next and where to travel, making each game a different experience from the last.
  • A mesmeric three-dimensional, cartoon-like world.
  • Villages, mountain tops and even the surface of the moon become pinball tables.
  • Fast paced arcade action.
  • Fabulous sound and music.
  • State-of-the-art ball physics, giving fast and responsive control.
  • Wi Fi features include:
  • 2 player multiplay for each mini game, called duel.
  • Three kinds of mini games linking the pinball tables in Story Mode - as you proceed unlock them.
  • Each mini game has 4 very different visuals.
  • Magic Bridge: You race against the other player and first past the line wins.
  • Gravity: your goal is to make your enemy submarine sink by picking up driller icons.
  • Plus much more

Howard Newmark, Vice President, Conspiracy Entertainment Europe. "Flipper Critters excels in many areas. It's great to play with so many cool ideas, its' innovative use of the touch screens and colourful 3D graphics and the interactive way the cast can assist the player is superb. Add to that the exciting multiplayer WiFi options and the bottom line, of course, is that it is a very unique product for a very unique handheld!"

Zsolt Kigyossy, Managing Director of Zen Studios, "Conspiracy Entertainment Europe is a progressive company who are endeavoring to bring quality and unique products to the market and we are delighted to be working with them."

Flipper Critters squeezes every last drop of power out of the Nintendo DS to create an entirely new and fantastically fun game that promises to appeal to the gamer in everyone.
Release date: July
Price: TBC

For further information on Conspiracy Entertainment Europe titles please contact Derek Reeve / Games Press and media. 07840 457122

For information on Conspiracy Entertainment Europe contact Howard Newmark /Corporate and acquisitions.
0 77 111 97 222

Conspiracy Entertainment Europe

About Howard Newmark

Howard Newmark has over 20 years experience in the games industry as a distributor, developer and publisher. Prior to joining Conspiracy Entertainment Europe, Howard set up and ran various European Software Distribution companies as well as becoming Director of Licensing and Acquisitions for Accolade Europe (now Atari - NASDAQ ATAR) and VP of Publishing for Creature Labs. He has recently set up UK offices for Enlight Software (Hong Kong) Lighthouse Interactive (Netherlands) and Incagold plc (UK AIM IDG).

About Zen Studios Ltd

ZEN Studios a multimedia and game technology company and developer based in Budapest, Hungary. Zen was founded by a number of experienced game developers in 2000 with the aim of developing innovative new arcade, strategic and action games for the PC and console market. Since inception the company has dedicated itself to creating the highest quality technologies and titles and providing competitive development rates to publishers, license holders and media companies worldwide. Zen is one of the only developers in Central Europe which is a fully licensed Sony PlayStation®2, PSP, Nintendo DS and Microsoft Xbox360 game developer. ZEN Studios is a fully independent company, which prides itself on offering a unique and creative approach to the games business.

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