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Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

Pre-orders now being taken for's latest effort.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

History is being made today! is thrilled to announce that pre-orders are now open for our new flagship wargame  Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. What started 11 years ago with the release of multiple  Wargame of the Year "Combat Mission Beyond Overlord" (still on PC Gamer's list of  Best Games of All Time) is now coming full circle, and finally returning to the beaches and bocage fields of Normandy, France, 1944.

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy (CM:BN) faithfully recreates the experience of tactical land warfare in Western France during World War Two. Using the unique  Turn-Based (WeGo)/Real-Time hybrid game system of our proprietary CMx2 battle engine, the first installment in this new series covers the three months after the Allied D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944, from Operation Overlord in June through the Cobra Breakout in August.

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy is now available for pre-order in a special SteelBook TM  Limited Collector Edition! The metal SteelBook TM  is a high-quality retail-style package, fitting up to 4 discs inside (the game disc as well as up to three future modules) as well as the full printed 200(!) page manual. If you want to find out more about this exclusive box,  check out  the Interactive Online Viewer  ( *Windows only, Internet Explorer required) courtesy of Scanavo, or  the SteelBox TM  YouTube video.

This SteelBook TM  edition is  limited, and only available as long as supplies last. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are placed.

If you pre-order now f or only $60 plus S&H, you secure your SteelBook TM  Limited Collector Edition copy today!

But wait, there is more:

you will be able to also  download the game immediately on release day. So you get both the digital download right away AND the collector's box by mail. unbelievably,  you even save $5 on this pre-order deal in comparison to purchasing a Download&Mail Delivery for $65 + S&H after release.

[ Click here to secure your copy of the SteelBook TM  Limited Collector Edition ]

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy  is scheduled for release around the end of April, 2011. Once released, it will be available as a digital download ($55), via mail ($55 + S&H) and both download & mail package ($65 + S&H).

Mac users!  The game will be available for both the  PC platform as well as  Mac OS X. Today, we are launching pre-orders for the PC version only! If you are interested in purchasing the Mac OS X version, please wait until we open pre-orders separately for it in the next weeks. The Mac OS X version is currently scheduled to be released not too long after the PC version. 

And in order to shorten the wait for R(elease)-Day, here's something to oogle at: in the CM:BN media section, you'll find 5 sets of desktop wallpapers and a new in-game gallery with 8 brand new screenshots! Enjoy!

[ Click here to jump directly to the Media Files ] 


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