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Combat Arms hits 2m users in US

Nexon America's FPS MMO hits milestone following launch in October

Nexon America has announced that its first-person shooter MMO, Combat Arms, has passed the 2 million user mark, just three months after hitting 1 million users and four months after the game launched.

The free-to-play title allows gamers to update their characters by purchasing items from the in-game Black Market item shop using micro-transactions, with new maps and modes in the pipeline.

"Combat Arms really hits the mark with core FPS veterans playing alongside casual gamers," said Min Kim, vice president of marketing for Nexon America. "This latest milestone is further evidence North American gamers want to play high quality, free-to-play games."

Nexon has also enjoyed success in North America with MapleStory, with prepaid game time cards proving popular with national retailers.

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