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Combat Arms

FPS players are faster decision-makers, University of Rochester egg-heads establish.

According to researchers at the University of Rochester (N.Y.), action gamers, specifically players who play first-person-shooters (FPS), like the free-to-play online FPS Combat Arms , are able to make quicker, more accurate decisions compared to non-gamers.


The results of the researchers from the University of Rochester were published in the Sept. 14 issue of Current Biology . The scientists say that FPS players’ improved decision making comes from the unpredictable nature of their gaming experiences. These improved skills can be transferred to tasks outside of the game.


To help continue improving players decision making skills this week, Nexon America is adding more weapons to Combat Arms’ industry-leading arsenal, as well as a new mode, “Seize and Secure,” the twelfth game mode available in the game.


“We see Combat Arms as a community service,” said Davy Garaix, Nexon America’s producer of Combat Arms. “We’ve helped millions of people improve their decision making through action-packed armed battles. Using our patented near-critical ‘nut shot,’ no telling how many accidents this has prevented or how much we have made lives better. We have so many ways for players to raise their decision making skills, that perhaps in real life, Combat Arms players could be considered almost super heroes.”


The additions coming this week to Combat Arms include the TPG-1 sniper rifle set, which should help people improve their visual judgment; a new survival machete, which will help improve physical reactions; and a rare assault rifle, the M14EBR, which will improve player’s ability to shoot their enemies in the head during game matches.


The goal of the new “Seize and Secure” mode, aside from helping improve players think quicker, is to activate the flag trigger of a flagpole to raise a team’s flag to the top. To win this mode, players must keep their team’s flag raised on the flagpole for two consecutive minutes, or, in a tiebreaker case, have the most points.


Combat Arms will also continue to implement head up display improvements as well as add the ability for players to gift gear point (GP) items to each other.



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