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Combat Arms Europe

"Ghost Town" update set to spook players of Nexon's FPS.

Today, Nexon continues their dedication to regular and excellent gaming updates for its free to play FPS game, Combat Arms Europe, with the introduction of the much anticipated “Ghost Town” map. In honor of this new special forces playground, a one off “Ghost Town Freak Event” is to be held, allowing a first glimpse of the map as well as giving players the opportunity of winning a free limited edition weapon. Talking about weapons, Nexon also unlocks some new assault rifles and a raft of handy utilities.

I’m afraid of no ghost!

“Welcome to Ghost Town, Soldier!” This brand new map puts players into the highly detailed but ex-tremely hazardous environment of a dead city, where an experimental virus has been ruthlessly dep-loyed by the NEMEXIS Corporation. Both sides are invited to try and deal with this new threat, with Special Forces encouraged to save the last remaining civilians and find out what happened to the city, while NEMEXIS mercenaries are charged with concealing the evidence leading back to their corporation. Gritty fire fights can be expected on this operation so Central Command has opened its armory, supplying players with all manner of devastating equipment necessary to surviving “Ghost Town”.

The two new assault rifles, the XK-8 (also available as a limited “Tactical” edition) and the Viper's P90TR will undoubtedly prove vital in dealing with the many problems facing in “Ghost Town”. Those looking for further updates to their armory should definitely check out the “Black Friday Sale” where numerous discounts will be available on new purchases.

Furthermore, the “Autumn G36E Valkyrie” and the ‘Autumn LAW’ will be unlocked in the Black Market. Both items are great additions to an already impressive arsenal, but they will only be available for a limited time. As well as weapons, the option to hire additional mercenaries can be done for a consi-derable discount online from today.

Ghost Town Freak

To give “Ghost Town” even more added depth and value to the player, Nexon have announced a special one off “Ghost Town Freak Event”, with the opportunity to win a Black Hi-Sec Key completely free. Simply play 10 matches every day on the “Ghost Town” map and you’ll receive your free key automat-ically for your locked Hi-Sec cases. “Good luck Soldiers, you’ll need it!”

All game related trailers can be viewed at

http://www.youtube.com/user/CombatArmsEUR, whilst a press kit can be found at the following link:


For more information on Combat Arms, visit http://combatarms.nexoneu.com or the official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/combatarmseurope.

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