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Combat Arms Europe

"Desert Fox" Fireteam mission launched for Nexon Europe's free-to-play FPS.

London, 15 th December 2010

Today, Nexon continue their dedication to regular and excellent gaming updates for its free to play FPS game, Combat Arms, with the introduction of the thrilling Fireteam mission “Desert Fox”. This time the threat is more imminent than ever! Leave behind killing zombies in an abandoned mine as back in “Black Lung”, “Desert Fox” pits Special Forces against foes of unseen malice and hostility! To counter this new threat, Central Command opens up their arsenal even further with plenty of new weaponry and a brand new mercenary, “Raven”. Furthermore, expect a whole host of Christmas-related items and events to be released very soon.

It’s getting even hotter!

Not only will the new desert environment keep players sweating, the new Fireteam mission “Desert Fox” puts Special Forces in charge of dealing with a terrorist menace threatening global security. Whilst en-route to investigate terrorist activity, the Fireteam uncover a plot with a pressing need to be dealt with immediately. The primary target is the ruthless leader of the terrorists, who must be captured alive at all costs in order to grant access to confidential data only he can access. Besides ensuring that the leader is captured alive, you can expect many grim fire fights in a labyrinthine city whilst on your way to destroying the primary threat, the terrorist controlled anti-aircraft artillery.

“Soldiers, be prepared! The fire is about to start burning!”

Bombs away!

As well as a full raft of new weapons, Central Command are providing a brand new mercenary for those players willing to take on “Desert Fox”. The newest addition to the already impressive selection of recruitable specialists in the game is now to be topped with the introduction of “Raven”, a female mercenary, who not only finds all men at her beck and call, but also has the AI helplessly lost when in her presence. “Raven” is an expert on all computer-related skills. There is no computer security system able to withstand her skills on the keyboard, and no terrorist that can stand her marksmanship with an automatic rifle.

Talking about weapons, Nexon will unlock several brand new firearms for the game. The M417 CQB, for perfect control and enhanced stopping power, the XM8, based on the German G36, for unmatched reliability, the Scorpion's PP-19 MOD for more mobility in the battlefield, the Anaconda Gold revolver for everyone out for the “fancy kill” and the Tiger Strider blade for soldiers who like a more in your face approach to the game.

Santa lost his mind…

Santa has something for everyone – and this is no exception for Combat Arms players! To keep players head’s warm, there is the Shapka, a fur cap perfectly suited for cold weather, coming with some nice stat boosting attributes. Next on the Christmas list, Santa provides something for the “delicious kill” – The Candy Cane Club that looks like a candy stick, but proves to be an unmatched boom-stick. Furthermore, Frosty the Snowman is back in the game ensuring that players keep a cool head throughout those gritty shoot outs. Last but not least, Nexon releases the L96A1 Holiday Wolf, an upgraded version of the L96A1 Arctic Wolf sniper rifle. With this deadly beauty, peeking on presents gets a completely new twist…

And as a little gift, to ensure the Christmas mood begins even before the battle commences, Nexon will unlock a special Christmas carol for the lobby. From the 20 th until the 31 st of December, players can hum along to a nice Rock ‘n’ Roll version of the most popular of tunes whilst they are gearing up. Bulls-Eye!

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