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Combat Arms

Codename: Raven female specialist arrives later this month.

Combat Arms, a fast-paced online first person shooter (FPS) from Nexon America, is unleashing a new specialist, Codename: Raven, into its war-torn world of elite soldiers. The beautiful but deadly specialist will be included in the upcoming Desert Fox update coming to Combat Arms later this month.

Although she grew up a tech savvy wallflower, Codename: Raven blossomed during her first year as a soldier trainee. She brought on the attention of the brass with her unrivaled performance, especially during intelligence and infiltration test missions. Codename: Raven is a brilliant specialist and comes equipped with a light armor vest, making her one of the fastest of the known specialists. While she is renowned for her blinding speed in battle, she brings a calm, strategic approach to firefights, and an ability to get past any computer security system, no matter how complex. 

Desert Fox, a new cooperative fire-team map, will present Combat Arms players with a challenging new mission where soldiers uncover and pursue a devastating terrorist plot. Players are encouraged to suit up with Codename: Raven and use her knowledge of all the specialist weapons to tackle the new PVE map. Desert Fox will offer high-impact action and new ways to level up and earn exclusive items upon completing the mission.

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